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Animal communication with a dog : Dogs can’t speak! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could still find a way to talk to your pet? Animal communication is often offered by people who deal with it professionally. These include spiritual counselors, a spiritual medium or mental trainer. You may think that speaking to a dog is a special art, but it’s basically telepathy. Telepathic contact is a form of thought transmission. You can do that with people, but also with dogs.

animal communication with a dog

This means that it’s not just animal communicators who can talk to your pet. You can also! Try it. You don’t need any special skills. It just takes a little patience with you and your pet.

1. Make sure your dog is relaxed

In animal communication, the mood should be relaxed – for you and the animal. Make sure the animal is not busy eating. The animal should also not expect to walk outside immediately. Better if you did that before. If the animal is lying in its basket, a little bored, this is the ideal time.

2. Loving caressing and contact forehead-to-forehead (third eye)

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Create a loving mood. Stroke your dog a little while smiling. That gives a positive flow. The dog’s attention is now also on you. Now place your forehead against that of the dog. Let your third eye touch that of the dog. The third eye is an energetic field, which supports the communication of thoughts. When the two foreheads are against each other, you may be able to feel the dog’s energy.

3. Put yourself in a meditative mood

A little meditation in advance ensures that you come to rest now. You can do an active meditation, such as walking meditation. Those who prefer to sit can also choose another variant. Meditations that include a vision journey are best. That means, a spoken text that leads you into a fictional environment is ideal. This can be a trip to a flower meadow or to a clearing in the forest. It is also ideal if no television is on and the radio is switched off.

4. Mental conversation with the dog

5 Steps how to do animal communication with a dog by yourself 10

In your vision journey, stay on the flower meadow or in the forest and imagine that you see your dog there. Feel deep into your heart and connect with the love that connects you with this dog. Talk to the dog in your mind and say hello. Wait for the answer. This also takes place in the form of a thought. Perhaps you don’t even notice a thought, but can notice a feeling in your heart that is warm and loving.

But when a thought is perceived, it is important that you take the first thought. This is your dog’s message. All further thoughts that follow afterwards can also have other origins. Therefore you have to watch your thoughts very relaxed but also concentrated.

Now you can ask questions. Avoid distressing the dog. Questions like: Do you like me or my partner better? should be avoided. Ask simple questions that are easy to answer. Accept every mental response as you receive it. Even if you think the answer is wrong, don’t correct it. You can ask another question if you can’t understand an answer.

5. Thank you for the interview

As a first try, it is good not to hold the conversation too long. If you find that the contact is no longer mentally attainable for any reason, stop animal communication. Then you can start over with this question another time.

Animal communication with pictures

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If you have trouble communicating via thought transfer, try another route. Skip the phrase and use images instead. A picture is a universal language. Take the example of a dog that barks when the doorbell rings. He should turn back the behavior and become calmer.

First, show your dog the picture of someone ringing your doorbell. Then the second picture follows. It shows the dog immediately starting to bark. The third picture shows how disappointed you are because the dog is barking.

These three scenes symbolize the current state. Now your wish follows. The first picture that you show is identical to the scene of the actual state. The second picture shows the dog wagging its tail in anticipation but not barking. And the third picture shows you exuberantly praising the dog for this behavior.

Imagery can be an easy way to get in touch with your animal. If you can still send emotions along with it, it is optimal. That means, in the dream scene in which you praise the dog, you feel deeply in the heart and connect with the love you have for the animal.

Dogs think differently than humans

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Dogs don’t think like humans. The dog lives in another world. There is no work here that needs to be done to make money. And so the dog can hardly understand why you are not there, but at work. He only notices that you are not there and could therefore be sad. So it’s about trying to understand how your animal perceives you. Then you are also able to ask good questions and get meaningful answers. Our instincts are also different. A bitch in heat cannot simply suppress her instinct and will offer herself to the male. Humans, on the other hand, can control whether they want to have children or not.

There are essential parameters that differentiate us and that also applies to animal communication. The fact that the dog should not bark means for him to act against his nature. The dog expresses itself by barking. In principle, you forbid him to express himself if he should stop barking.

It is understandable, however, that there may be certain reasons that are necessary to correct this behavior. Neighbors complaining or the increased level of stress the dog is exposed to from barking all the time can be reasons to correct this.

It therefore makes sense to mentally explain to the dog why you do not want this behavior. When it comes to the world of emotions, animals can think differently than we humans. Keep this in mind when asking personal questions about you or the animal’s love for a person.

Avoid stress

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Animal communication should be limited in time. Even dogs can only concentrate on their cause for a certain amount of time. Do not overwhelm the dog by talking mentally to him for hours. Therefore, keep your questions as simple as possible. It is best if you only ask questions that can be answered with “yes” or “no”.

Put yourself in the situation of talking to a toddler. But that doesn’t mean dogs are stupid. When communicating with animals, you first have to empathize with a conversation and find out to what extent the questions were formulated in a meaningful way. The animal’s answers will tell you whether or not your question was too complicated. When you find things are going better, the questions can get harder.

The dog doesn’t speak

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If you feel like you are getting no answer at all, leave it alone for the day. Try again at another time. It may be that the dog was busy with something else. Perhaps it was thinking that it is about to save or is waiting for the food for that day.

It can also be that you approached the matter with too great a expectation and blocked yourself in the process. Therefore, it would be worth trying if a good friend who knows the dog might try this animal communication on your behalf. If the friend found a channel to the dog, then it was probably because of you that it didn’t work for you. So practice animal communication from time to time so that you too can achieve success.

If your friend also has an animal, animal communication can be tried out with each other. You talk to his animal and the friend to your dog. This variation is good because it ensures that your own wishful thoughts don’t get in the way. Because subconsciously you have an idea of ​​which answers the dog should give you. And this unconscious desire can cause you to come up with an answer that you like. With an animal that is not your own, it is different. You don’t have these wishful thoughts with another animal to the same extent as with your own.

Result of animal communication with a dog


If the animal communication with your dog was successful, it is important to check the result. In our example, you wished that the dog would stop barking when the doorbell rings. As soon as the next event comes up and someone rings your doorbell, watch the dog closely.

It may still be barking. But watch carefully and analyze the situation carefully. Maybe it got a little better than last time? Then you are on the right path. Be sure to praise your dog for it, even if it’s not in optimal condition. The dog must be motivated to continue working on this topic. Repeated animal communication is therefore also important so that the dog does not forget its task.

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The author El Maya is a spiritual medium and has published several books on the subject of soul, life plan, karma and afterlife. This guidebook contains strategies to reduce your karma and to find the center of your soul. El Maya also works as a spiritual coach, animal communicator and karma expert.