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Unreal Shiba Mixes

Unreal Shiba Mixes : The Shiba Inu is a Japanese dog breed known for their soft fur, pointy ears, even temperament, and compact size.

Shibas seem very dignified and regal, despite being one of the cutest dog breeds. Just when you didn’t think Shibas could possibly get any cuter, check out these 10 Shiba mixes!

Unreal Shiba Mixes

#1: Shiba Akita Mix

Owner blowing dandelion to muzzle of calm fluffy purebred dog

Akitas are another Japanese breed and just like Shibas, they were bred for hunting. They are taller and wider than Shibas, which gives Shiba Akita mixes their medium size and long legs. Learn more about this beautiful mix and whether this is the right dog for you!

#2: Pug Shiba

Close-up Photography of Fawn Pug Covered With Brown Cloth

Pugs tend to be very energetic. Shibas, by comparison, are more calm and reserved. Therefore, the resulting mix are a delightful combination of playful and intelligent. This may be the rarest Shiba mix.

#3: Shepherd Inu

Two Adult Black-and-tan German Shepherds Running on Ground

A cross between a German Shepherd and a Shiba, Shepherd Inus are smart and energetic. They are also quite large and may require more training than other breeds.

#4: Shiba Husky

White and Black Siberian Husky

Similar to the Shepherd Inu, this mixed breed may pose challenges to first-time dog owners. They are fiercely independent and known for getting off their leash to chase after every squirrel.

They are also very loyal and protective of their owners.

#5: Shiba-Chi

Chihuahua Lying on White Textile

This is a cross between a Shiba and a Chihuahua, making it a smaller dog. They can be somewhat hostile towards other dogs if they are improperly trained.

Start training with these adorable pups early and you’ll have a confident and loyal canine.

#6: Corgi Inu

High-Angle Photo of a Corgi Looking Upwards

Corgi Inus are an adorable blend of Corgi and Shiba. They stand out from other mixes of this breed in that they are highly trainable and calm.

They make great family dogs as they are gentle and on the smaller side.

#7: PomShi

Photo of a White Pomeranian Puppy

These two breeds already share certain physical characteristics, namely their fluffy fur and fox-like faces. This mix combines the best of both breeds’ personalities and creates a nice mid-sized dog.

Whereas Shibas are somewhat aloof, Pomeranians are very sociable. PomShis are a great mix of reserved and playful.

#8: Shiba Inu Border Collie Mix

Black White Long Coated Dog Dashing Trough Body of Water

This breed admittedly needs a lot of exercise to tire them out, therefore they aren’t great for a busy family that only has time for a quick evening walk.

However, for the dog owner who has time to properly train and exercise this breed, the Shiba Inu Border Collie mix is an incredible dog. They are highly intelligent, athletic, and loyal.

#9: Poo-Shi

Photo of Poodle On Grass Field

This mixed breed is outgoing and athletic. Their size may vary quite a bit, depending on the size of their Poodle parent.

Poo-Shis can have either thick, furry coats like Shibas or short, curly fur like Poodles. You’re sure to get a unique pet with a Poo-Shi!

#10: Golden Shibas

Adult Golden Retriever Close-up Photography

This mix between a Golden Retriever and a Shiba is another rare breed.

Although they are gentle with humans, they have strong hunting instincts, so be sure to socialize them properly before letting them interact with small pets such as rabbits unsupervised.

Golden Shibas are smaller than standard Goldens, usually weighing between 30 and 50 pounds. They are very smart and loyal.

Final Thoughts on Unreal Shiba Mixes

If you’re thinking about getting a Shiba Inu mix, there is no shortage of incredible breeds to choose from.

Whether you are looking for a calm family dog such as a Corgi Inu, or a high-energy running companion such as a Shepherd Inu, you can find the perfect dog for you within the Shiba Inu family.