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Snakes for pets: There are 4.5 million households that have a pet reptile and that number continues to grow. There’s a lot to love about these cold-blooded creatures and more and more people are realizing that they make wonderful pets. Snakes are particularly attractive in the exotic pet trade for many reasons. While they are not as affectionate or get as visibly excited as cats and dogs, these peaceful creatures are beautiful living displays that offer a unique opportunity to bond with a species in an entirely different animal class.  

Most owners buy snakes locally from pet stores, although mail ordering from reptile breeders is also common. If you buy a Snake pet through the mail, make sure you know what you are getting! It is better to see the animal before you purchase it. Ask about a guarantee if the pet does not turn out to be what you want or is not healthy .You need snakes for pets?  Check adoption centers before you buy.

Why do people have snakes for pets? 1

Start out right with a healthy pet. Young, captive-raised animals make the best pets. Older, imported, wild-caught animals are harder to tame, may harbor more internal and external parasites, and often suffer illness from the stress in captivity.The vent should be clean and free of wetness or stool stuck to it. If possible, gently open the mouth. There should be a small amount of clear saliva present and a pink tongue. Large amounts of cloudy-looking or cottage cheese-like mucus, or red, bloody, or bruised gums may be a sign of mouth infection.

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Shedding Check

Avoid snakes that appear skinny or bony, have loose skin or sunken eyes, and seem inactive or lethargic. A healthy snake is usually bright, active, and alert. The eyes should be clear. Cloudy eyes may indicate that the snake is about to shed. While not a sign of illness, shedding is very stressful to snakes, and they often do not eat when they are shedding. It is best not to purchase a snake that is about to shed.

Mite and Lump Checks

Check around the snakes’ eyes and under its scales for mites, which look like tiny black dots that move. Make sure no lumps or bumps are present and there are no sores or discolorations on the skin. Simply running your hands slowly down the snake’s body will allow you to detect any swellings.

They don’t require physical interaction or socializingsnakes for pets

Snakes are the epitome of low maintenance: they require very little from their owners aside from food and their initial setup. They don’t need any sort of attention or interaction from their owners. Since their brains aren’t developed enough to harbor affection, you won’t hurt a snake’s feelings by leaving it alone. These creatures don’t require much by way of entertainment either. No need to constantly buy toys or take your snake out for walks. A hide box and a few branches are that’s needed to provide them with enough change of scenery and exercise to keep them content.

Feeding them is extremely cost-effective 

All snakes are carnivores, and rodents are one of the easiest ways to provide them a balanced and wholesome diet. The average adult snake only needs to be fed every 7-10 days – some species can go even longer between feedings. When they do eat, it isn’t much and most are happy with a single good-sized mouse or rat. The average monthly cost of feeding a snake averages around $20 a month. The bigger the snake (in terms of girth), the larger and more expensive the food they will need. 

Snakes for Pets? Snakes don’t require a lot of space

Why do people have snakes for pets? 2

Unlike dogs and cats which need room to roam, snakes have no need to get out and stretch their metaphorical legs. As such, most snakes would be perfectly content to stay in an spacious terrarium their entire life. Even the tiniest apartment would suit your average snake just fine; there is no need for a yard or expansive space for them to slither around in. Your average-sized adult snake will do in a 55-75 gallon setup it’s entire life.  

They are really (really) cool looking

Why do people have snakes for pets? 3
Pueblan Milk Snake ( Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli) also known as the Campbells Milk Snake.Can be found in southern Puebla, eastern Morelos and northern Oaxaca, Mexico. Are also very popular in the pet trade. Photo taken in captivity.

Logistics aside, the main draw of having a snake as a pet is their wow-factor. Available in dozens of dazzling colors and unique patterns, snakes’ unique appearance adds a fun level of customization that cat and dog breeds can’t compete with. Even common, beginner-level snakes have dozens upon dozens of cool morphs. Snakes in fantastic colors have been cross-bred with snakes of distinct patterns to create animals that are living works of art. 

Which Snakes Make the Best Pets

Why do people have snakes for pets? 4

Snakes are steadily growing in popularity and there are hundreds of species circulating in the exotic pet trade. The snakes that make the best pets will be well-tempered, non-aggressive, and have minimal habitat requirements. Our recommendations: look for corn snakes, king snakes, or ball pythons for sale for a guaranteed enjoyable snake-ownership experience.