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France, which is one of the most stunning countries in the world, is a great country to visit. Many people dream of traveling to Strasbourg, Strasbourg, and Paris because of the tourist attractions, the language and cuisine, and beautiful beaches. Other wonderful things in France are that the people here enjoy puppies. A list of the most common breeds of dogs in France is given.


1. English Setter

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 61

The English Setter is a hunting dog from England. It is very common in France and is used as a dog to point. They were named because when they encountered birds to help hunters throw over the net, they practiced settling and crouching low. They are nowadays still wonderful family pets, apart from being used as hunting dogs.


2. Yorkshire Terrier

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 62

Another common dog breed in France is Yorkshire Terrier. Even if it is a little dog, it is still a lively, affectionate dog. They are long-lived dogs who make good little observators. Her nature will definitely offer much laughter, caring, and near companionship to people. It is no secret why this dog race is loved by French people.


3.  French Bulldog

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 63

Perhaps the best-known breed in France is the French Bulldog. While it has a French name, it was originally from England. It has a French name. Historically, he worked as a fellow dog for English travelers to France. The dog continued to take the French name because of this long history.


4. American Staffordshire Terrier

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 64

The declining Amstaff is also known. He is a very good guardian dog, but when he’s properly trained he can still be a good friend. It is a powerful, caring, and affectionate muscular race of dog. They are also clever and quick to train.


5. Labrador Retriever

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 65

Labrador Retriever is a common dog breed, in many parts of the world, and not just in France. It’s a kind, funny, and especially clever dog. It was born as a friendly partner as well as a working dog. Originally they are used as helpers to fishermen. They did work, such as clothes, nets transport, and fish recovery.


6. Australian Shepherd

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 66

In France even the Australian Shepherd is famous. Whereas it is recognized by the name of “Australian,” it is from the Basque country rather than Australia. Its dynamic and athletic characteristics make it very famous. They are most happy when you have a job, and also terrific family members, particularly when your knowledge and energy is transferred to dog sports or activities.


7. Cavalier King Charles

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 67

Another common dog breed in France is the Cavalier King Charles. He is an archetypal accompanying breed. It has English roots. It is really little but lovely and playful. They are the main breeds of toys and they love sports events such as beach rally, biking, and other canine games. Some are still used as hunting dogs and the restful ones like family mates and service dogs are fantastic.


8. Belgian Malinois Shepherd

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This dog is lovely and safe, and also has fantastic learning potential. They were originally trained as herding dogs, but they operate today as military dogs and police dogs. They are also lovely friends of the society.


9. Golden Retriever

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 69

He is a medium-size breed, but with a long fur dress that looks somewhat like the Labrador. Many citizens in France have a warm and tolerant mindset toward the breed of dogs. They are great at searching for hunters, sniffing out trafficking for law enforcement, and therapy and services for dogs. They are also natural athletes and can do well in multiple sports on dogs.


10. German Shepherd

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 70

It’s a sporty, clever dog that police or firefights are mostly used for. They are supreme in loyalty and bravery and are extremely flexible. You will excellently do almost everything, such as support and advice for the sick, husbandry, search, rescue, and many more. They still became loyal companions, apart from that.


11. Chinese Crested Dog

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 71

This breed is an ideal companion and is very often used as a companion for people with disabilities. However, do not think that they have a very open, friendly, and loving character, this is not at all the case. You could even say that the opposite is true. Most of these dogs lovingly perceive only one person of their choice or several people.


12. Coton de Tulear

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 72

Coton de Tulear has a very lively, cheerful character, loves games, and generally loves life. Has an average energy level, does not need physical exercises – walks, active games will be enough. They love to please their owners, easily make contact and can walk on their hind legs. There are no problems in training.


13. Labradoodle

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 73

The intelligence of these pets is at their best – they are able to memorize a huge number of commands, complex and simple, moreover, they just understand human speech and behavioral hints well, so they can support their owner in literally everything. The attitude towards children, accordingly, is excellent, there never arise problems.


14. German Longhaired Pointer

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 74

The modern Langhaar breed is not at all the same as their ancestors who lived 200 years ago. Not a trace remained of the former stubbornness. Now it is a very friendly and open breed that easily makes contact with its owner, accepts the learning process well, and reacts normally to a change in the environment.


15. Galgo Italiano

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 75

The Italian Greyhound breed of dogs is distinguished by a cute character and is perfect as a companion for a person of any age. Unlike many small-sized dogs, the Italian greyhound has a more harmonious character and does not like to bark so much at anything that moves with or without reason.


16. Lakeland Terrier

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 76

The Lakeland Terrier is very loyal to its family and owner and is an excellent companion who feels and understands people very well, also thanks to its developed intelligence. He is completely focused on his masters, and this quality is genetic. After all, the dog has served people for several hundred years selflessly and fearlessly, and in a variety of forms. If you live in a private house, it will be not only a faithful friend, walking companion, and companion for you, but also an excellent watchman.


17. Lowchen

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 77

The Lochen breed has a very harmonious character and fits perfectly into almost any environment. Regardless of the number of family members, or the presence of other pets, these pets never feel constrained or uncomfortable. They get along well both with one owner, who can provide the proper level of activity and normally perceives the playful, cheerful character of the dog and in a large family. Where, besides, the cat already lives.


18. Lhasa Apso

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 78

These animals have a very sociable nature, they like to share time with their family members, however, at the same time, sometimes they like to be alone. Here the whole point is that a certain subtle egoism is inherent in the breed, and it is not absolutely obedient, even if brought up correctly. Moreover, it is impossible to break this character trait, you just have to come to terms with the fact that the dog will sometimes try to act on its own.


19. Maltese

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 79

The Maltese lapdog maintains its playful disposition throughout its life, and only in old age does this trend weaken. They have at least one negative trait – they love to give voice, or just bark, both on the street and at home. Accordingly, correct education is required from the owner, otherwise, he will not see peace. Educational work should be carried out without aggression, in a calm, slightly strict tone, limiting the dog’s desire to bark for no reason.


20. Manchester Terrier

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 80

The Manchester Terrier breed has dignity and, as a rule, behaves very adequately. We can say that in all respects this is a good dog and a loyal friend who will not wag your nerves or those around you, for example, during a walk. For intelligence, which manifests itself in everyday behavior, at the end of the 18th century, the dog even began to be called “terrier for gentlemen”, or “gentleman terrier”.


21. Mastiff

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 81

Despite the menacing appearance, for the most part, mastiffs are kind dogs with a friendly disposition. They are distinguished by the great devotion to their master and family, are balanced, and treat children well. But, if the child is too small, be careful – this is a large dog, and it can accidentally knock the child down even with a simple movement.


22. Xoloitzcuintli

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 82

Xoloitzcuintle can be a pretty tough and uncompromising dog who only trusts his family, period. Moreover, even within the family, he can single out the only one for himself, a loved one. On the other hand, he can be relatively soft and indifferent, in fact, indifference and will be a compromise that he will use in relation to unfamiliar and unfamiliar people.


23. Mittelschnauzer

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 83

The Mittel Schnauzer breed has a huge number of useful qualities that have been developed over several centuries of successful and dedicated service in the countryside. Accordingly, the breed has developed the ability to perfectly adapt to various environmental conditions, even to cold winters.


24. Pug

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 84

The character of the pug cannot be called simple – despite their small size, these dogs are very intelligent and independent. However, within their family, with loved ones, they can be very affectionate and loving, and need reciprocity. Although pugs are clumsy and often overweight, they have an average energy level, they love games, walks, but they do not perceive physical activity, training or training very well.


25. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 85

Possesses excellent intelligence, due to which he learns well a variety of commands. There are usually no problems in training, since the animal is initially disposed to its owner, and loves to work with him, to do some common business. And if the pet feels that this common cause develops him and brings him even closer to the owner, then he, even more, meets halfway.


26. Norwegian Elkhound

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 86

The Norwegian Elkhound is a very active, energetic, and incredibly funny dog. The very concept of idleness is alien to these animals since their seething nature constantly requires action and activity. In addition, they tend to bark, and it is extremely difficult to wean a dog from this. However, it is possible to reduce the amount of barking, which is already good news.


27. Norwich Terrier

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 87

Norwich Terrier is a breed suitable for athletes or just a person who appreciates activity in his life and does not like to sit idle on the couch for a long time. At the same time, you must love walks – this is a must. Or, he can be the perfect companion for the whole family – kind, incredibly funny, and smart. Especially considering the fact that these dogs perfectly find a common language with people of any age, from small to large.


28. Norfolk Terrier

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 88

This is a very cheerful animal that will make life much more colorful and interesting. Now no one uses them as rat hunters, however, the Norfolk Terrier still retains strong hunting instincts. If you let him off the leash for a walk, don’t be surprised if your pet tries to attack a squirrel, bird, or cat.


29. Puggle

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 89

Puggle is a dog with a very good-natured and affectionate character. They are incredibly cute and friendly creatures who love people and are ready to spend all their free time with them. Sometimes, they have very funny behavior, they can easily and naturally make you laugh with their cute antics, attracting loving glances to themselves.


30. Papillon

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in France 90


A high level of energy and an active life position does not allow the dog to be idle for a long time. If you live in a private house, she will walk in the yard, look for something to do and maybe even hunt mice or rats. If you live in an apartment, she will torment toys, try to participate in all family affairs, in washing clothes, in conversations in the kitchen, and in children’s games. Papillon dogs get along with children, can play together and, in general, have fun. But if the child is small, under five years old, it is better not to leave him alone with the dog.