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Spain is one of Western Europe’s finest travel destinations. Yet it’s also the home of many great puppies, besides rooftop parties and tasty tapas. In the timeframe when it was still lawfully bred Spanish dog breeds were raised for all kinds of herding, companionship, or even dog war. You’re in the right spot if you wonder what are the most famous dog races here. We present to you today a list of Spain’s most famous dog races.


1. Papillon & Phalene

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Two variations with a single dog breed are Papillon and Phalene. The appearance of your ears varies. The Papillon has ears upright while the Phalene has ears that slip back. In Spain, in the past and still today, these dogs were very famous. It is newer than most races but has more than 500 years of experience. The pets of Papillon and Phalene are the noble ladies of Europe with attention and affection. And today they’re all the best comrades.


2. The Great Pyrenees

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The Great Pyrenees is a great dog that has come from the Pyrenees. It is a zone between Spain and France. It is 100 pounds dogs that have been breed for many decades to watch over sheep. They are calm and soft dogs, but their main role is mostly to avoid threats such as wolves and bears.


3. Spanish Water Dog

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The Spanish water dog has a remarkable personality. It is wrapped in thick curled fur and is suitable for those who are specialists in the field of nursing. This dog also has a history as a sheepdog and a herding dog, as well as other dog breeds. In addition to that, they also acted as armed dogs to locate and retrieve small games, particularly from water, for hunters.


4. Pyrenean Mastiff

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The Pyrenean Mastiff is nebulous and is thought to have descended from the Molossus dogs of the Assyrian Kingdom. They were also alone with their cousins, the Great Pyrenees, in the Pyrenees Mountains. This dog breed, however, will grow to 240 pounds.


5. Presa Canario

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The dog breed of the Presa Canario was established in the Canary Islands and especially on the islands of Tenerife and Great Canaria. It was raised to defend and hold livestock. They are established through breeding programs that cross-breed the island’s numerous Mastiff and local cattle dogs.


6. Ibizan Hound

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The dog breed of Ibizan Hound looks like a deer. The legs are long, the ears are triangular and the snout is narrow. It’s a true hound with a really fast pace and agility. The rabbits and other small animals were initially born to the hunter. At a speeding of around 40 miles an hour, you will chase your prey.


7. Spanish Mastiff

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In the Middle Ages, this breed became more popular when dangers represented more a menace to the life of a shepherd. The Spanish mastiffs are now used to defend houses rather than to defend a herd of bovine animals. They’re not as aggressive and frightening as other mixed races and make them great dogs for their home.


8. Galgo Español

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This dog breed has an established, generous, and slender body of Greyhound. That’s why the greyhounds are sometimes known as Spanish. The origins of this dog breed go back to the Asian hogs brought by Moors to Spain. These dogs were crossed by hunting dogs from the region. The result was the Galgo Español, one of Spain’s best hare hunters.


9. Catalan Sheepdog

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The Sheepdog of Catalonia is coated in hair from tail to nose. It is also one of Spain’s readily recognized dogs. It was built in the north-east part of Spain, Catalonia. When you look at it from a distance, it looks like a uniform fur mess. But as you get closer, it’s a mass of brown fur.


10. Andalusian Hound

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These are some of Spain’s most common races of dogs. The Spanish Mastiff is among these dog breeds. They are simply called Spain’s national breed. Their calm speech and quietness represent the country’s tranquil and soothing atmosphere. What dog breed would you want as a companion, on our list?


11. Australian Terrier

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The Australian Terrier breed has a very open and playful personality that makes the life of others more interesting – no doubt about it. However, the mood of the dog is directly related to the mood of the owners, since this breed is extremely attached to its owners. That is, she is so attached that she takes over the state of mind of loved ones. If you are happy, the dog will be happy with you, but if you are sad, he will share the sadness with you, peacefully lying next to you on the sofa. And he will not get out of his flighty behavior at the wrong moment – except occasionally.


12. Alapakh Bulldog

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The Alapakh Bulldog is a very smart, independent, and loyal dog. In addition, this breed has an incredibly positive and friendly nature, which directly affects the perception of the world and daily behavior. On the one hand, Alapaha can be very determined, on the other, he loves to be in the spotlight, loves to be funny, playful, and, in general, the best dog in the world.

13. American Water Spaniel

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When the American Water Spaniel was first created as a breed, these dogs were distinguished by a peculiar disposition, stubbornness, strong hunting instincts, and a pronounced, unfriendly attitude towards strangers. However, over time, breeders have carried out serious work to select and harmonize the character of their dogs, thanks to which individuals living in modern times have a more open, friendly, and affectionate character.

14. American Hairless Terrier

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The American Hairless Terrier has a good intellect, understands people well, but sometimes emotions and impulses still prevail. With other animals, the situation can be different, same-sex aggression is possible. It is unlikely that you will use the American Hairless Terrier to catch rats, but if he lives in a private house, he will certainly do it. In any case, it will become an excellent companion for the whole family, very funny, cheerful, and cheerful.


15. American Cocker Spaniel

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Cockers are very kind and friendly creatures with heightened emotional sensitivity. They are very attached to their owners and just try to make them happy. With the wrong and aggressive upbringing, such sensitivity can result in various inadequate states of the dog, including neuroses, nervousness, and aggression towards strangers. And sometimes even in relation to their family members.

16. American Pit Bull Terrier

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The American Pit Bull Terrier is smart and understands people well. It is better to “make friends” with cats from an early age. Also, from an early age, you need to teach the dog obedience, otherwise, it will begin to show congenital stubbornness, which is especially pronounced in males.


17. American Staffordshire Terrier

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The Amstaff breed of dogs perfectly understands the situation, is distinguished by high intelligence, perfectly understands people, and is aware of its responsibility if it is entrusted with the protection of the territory. Although this breed does not have a tendency to bark at anything that moves within its sight and hearing, at the right time it will react as it should.

18. American Foxhound

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They have a high level of energy, need long walks and various types of activity, otherwise, the dog may become destructive or, on the contrary, lethargic and depressed. They are quick-witted, smart, understand a person perfectly. They are not suitable for performing watchdog functions. The American Foxhound has strong hunting instincts, any small animals for him, including cats, and sometimes even small dogs, are potential prey. Cohabitation with small dogs, cats, must be taught from an early age.

19. American Eskimo

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One of the main distinguishing features is the amazing intelligence of these small dogs, thanks to which they have earned the title of one of the smartest breeds in the world. Their developed mind is combined with the depth of personality and the ability to make independent judgments, to have, so to speak, their own view of the state of affairs.


20. English Bulldog

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The English Bulldog has a loud enough voice, and may well be a guard dog. Although its current size does not allow it to compete on an equal footing with an adult, it will be able to raise the alarm throughout the district and will definitely try to stop the intruder. A bulldog can be quite lazy and sometimes even difficult to move while walking. Although, in fairness, we note that this is most often distinguished by older dogs that are overweight.


21. English Cocker Spaniel

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The English Cocker Spaniel breed is friendly, kind, and helping pets. They have an open character and love people very much, moreover, not only those with whom they live but also strangers. We can say that these dogs seem to be always happy by default, and rarely give in to sadness, and in combination with love for people, they immediately try to make friends with everyone and convey to others a part of their mood.

22. English Toy Terrier

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The English Toy Terrier is a miniature dog (the dog grows up to 25-30 cm at the withers, and its weight ranges from 3-5 kg). In fact, there is no exact information about the origin of this breed. It is only known that the progenitor of the English Toy Terrier is the Old English Black and Tan Terrier. This compact dog has a proportional, harmonious constitution: slender relief legs, a graceful neck, a small head. The muzzle is narrow, neat. The eyes are beautiful and expressive, almond-shaped, brown in color. The ears are triangular in shape – large and erect, set high. The coat is short, tight-fitting. The color is black or dark brown with yellow tan marks. English differs from the American and Russian Toy Terriers in a taller body and well-developed muscles.

23. Affenpinscher

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Affenpinscher is a small dog, but very temperamental. These animals have an inexhaustible supply of energy, anger, and various surprises, both pleasant and not so much. Of course, the small size makes this breed not very dangerous for an adult. That is, if the dog catastrophically dislikes a stranger on the street and decides to bite him on the leg, this is certainly unpleasant, but not fatal.

24. Basenji

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The Basenji breed of dogs is very funny and funny animals that have a high level of energy, are always cheerful and extremely curious. We can say that this is a very unusual dog that will bring you a lot of joy and unexpected moments, make you smile and, possibly, cause some inconvenience. In the end, it is a living being with its own pluses and minuses of character.


25. Bedlington Terrier

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The Bedlington Terrier is a very cheerful dog, has an energy level above average and is not suitable for those who are not ready to provide walks, active games and physical activity. This is necessary for the pet in order for him to feel happy and satisfied. In addition, this is a very smart dog, which not only understands everything that is happening around it and perfectly remembers commands, but also draws its own conclusions.


26. Belgian Shepherd

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The Belgian Shepherd Dog has tremendous loyalty to its family members and owner, has an obedient, gentle disposition, and treats its loved ones with great care and attention. These are very intelligent dogs that need intellectual development, love various games, puzzles, have an excellent attitude to the learning process and are interested in it.


27. Beaver Yorkshire Terrier

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Beaver York Terrier is, first of all, a companion. It is in this capacity that this breed is appreciated by people all over the world, since their sweet, open and incredibly friendly nature is able to melt the ice in any human heart. In fact, the only useful function this pet can perform is to be your best and most loyal friend on earth.

28. Beagle

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The Beagle breed is an extremely cute and soulful creature that will certainly make the life of their owners more colorful. The Beagle is a very cheerful dog, he adores his owners, loves the world around him, and does not hide it. For complete happiness, he does not need so much – affection, love, and walks, preferably in the park.


29. Boxer

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Spain 89

A boxer dog has a very friendly and inquisitive nature. She is entirely focused on her family and master, is smart, docile, has a noble temperament, composure, and great patience. This breed has a high level of energy, it is a fidget, which requires a variety of activities, including training, walking in nature, playing with other dogs and people.


30. Border Terrier

30 The Most Popular Dog Breeds in Spain 90

The Border Terrier is very friendly – and there are almost no exceptions here. He is friendly with other dogs, he is friendly with your friends and just strangers on the street, he is just kind-hearted by nature, the only thing that can tune him in a different way is his guard functions.