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A sense of adventure and a spirit of determination is influenced by Nordic culture and tales from ancient Scandinavia.

If you’re looking for a Norse dog name for your new four-legged friend, the language, tale, people, and places of Norse and Viking culture will give you plenty of interesting and unique choices.

Some of Norse’s most common dog names come from the ancient language of Old Norse. If you have a dog that comes from northern areas, such as the Norwegian Buhund or the Norwegian Elkhound, you may also suggest a Norse dog name. Nordic heritage is not a prerequisite for a name for a Norse dog, of course!

We have a list of the top choices to help you decide on the right name, whether you are searching for Norse dog names for your male or female dog. With these common and singular dog names, let your imagination set sail!

Happy searching!

Male Viking Dog Names

100 Norse Mythology Names  – Viking Dog Names for Your Puppies 5

  • Magnus (great)
  • Gunnar (fighter)
  • Balder
  • Gudbrand
  • Ketill (kettle, cauldron)
  • Alvis
  • Ivar (archer)
  • Ragnar
  • Thor (god of lightning)
  • Alf
  • Kare (having curly hair)
  • Asbjorn (god and bear)
  • Randulfr
  • Rune (secret)
  • Borr (Odin’s father)
  • Torsten (means both Thor and stone)
  • Arvid
  • Fitch (god of arbitration)
  • Njal (giant)
  • Einar (alone and warrior)
  • Ubba
  • Arne (eagle)
  • Leif (descendant)
  • Erik (absolute ruler)
  • Dagr (day)
  • Asmund (divine protection)
  • Olaf (relic)
  • Halfdan (the half Dane)
  • Frode (wise)
  • Vikingr (viking)
  • Birger (keeper)
  • Orvar (arrow)
  • Odger (wealth)
  • Brynjar (armor and warrior)
  • Roar (spear)
  • Troels (Thor’s arrow)
  • Ulf (wolf)
  • Hjalmar (helmeted warrior)
  • Sweyn
  • Ander (manly, warrior)
  • Bo (resident)
  • Bodolf (wolf leader)
  • Halle (rock)
  • Trygve (trustworthy)
  • Varg (wolf)
  • Rollo
  • Bjorn (bear)
  • Knud (knot)
  • Sten (stone)
  • Agnar
  • Sune (son)
  • Gorm (he who worships god)
  • Harald (ruler)
  • Odin (head of the Norse gods, fury)
  • Gudmund
  • Svend (freeman)
  • Sigurd

Female Viking Dog Names

100 Norse Mythology Names  – Viking Dog Names for Your Puppies 6

  • Freya (noble woman)
  • Liv (of life)
  • Rane (queen)
  • Asta
  • Randi (shield or shrine)
  • Sigfrid
  • Ingrid
  • Revna (raven)
  • Eir (mercy)
  • Gunnvor (cautious in war)
  • Loki (trickster, god of mischief)
  • Frida (peace)
  • Hjordis (sword goddess)
  • Helga (sacred)
  • Inga (of the god Ing)
  • Ingibjorg (derived from the god Ing)
  • Thyra (helpful)
  • Solveig (strong house)
  • Aleksia (to defend)
  • Frigg
  • Edda (great grandmother)
  • Hertha (powerful woman)
  • Gro (to grow)
  • Gudrun (god and rune)
  • Saga (story)
  • Gulla
  • Yrsa (she-bear)
  • Gunhild (fight or battle)
  • Disa (active spirit)
  • Sigrid (victorious horsewoman)
  • Gertrud (spear)
  • Tora (of Thor)
  • Estrid (god and beautiful)
  • Ketilrior (kettle, beautiful)
  • Sif (wife and bride)
  • Signe (victorious)
  • Hilda (the fighter)
  • Ase (goddess)
  • Dagmar (day and maid)
  • Beyla (elf)
  • Bodil (fight)
  • Thurid (Thor and beautiful)
  • Audhild (fortune and battle)
  • Tove (dove)
  • Ulfhild (wolf)
  • Astrid (beautiful)

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