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Do you want to adopt a dog? By now, you must realize that you are accepting a great responsibility, but also the ability to build a deep bond that will last a lifetime. Your dog would become the truest companion you will ever have, appropriately educated and socialized.

To begin training a dog, the first step is to give them a name. There are many great names for dogs out there, and it’s very hard sometimes to pick one. You want a name that suits the look and personality of your dog, sounds beautiful, is meaningful, and is special on top of that.

This is why we have assembled a list of Finnish names with meanings for dogs. Finnish is a small language, so the name of your dog sounds unique, but it’s also rich and complex; you can find a special name for your dog even if you live in Finland.

Just read on!

Wonderful Finnish Dog Names

100+ Good Dog Names From Finland With Love 5

  • Kastepisara: Dewdrop
  • Koira: Dog
  • Peni: Old word for “dog”
  • Aino: Only one; character in The Kalevala
  • Kanerva: Heather
  • Aku: Pet form of Akaaton, meaning venerable, majestic
  • Kuu: Moon
  • Tähti: Star
  • Kesä: Summer
  • Kielo: Lily of the valley
  • Katja: Pure, pet name for Ekaterina
  • Aatu: Aaron
  • Kari: Pet name for Karl, Curly-haired
  • Feeli: Felix; happy
  • Kevät: Spring
  • Aurinko: Sun
  • Kerkko: Shoot of a tree
  • Aatami: Adam
  • Kullervo: Golden, character in The Kalevala
  • Inka: Folk heroine
  • Elämä: Life
  • Aarne: Bird
  • Kari: Pet name for Karl
  • Aave: Ghost
  • Inari: Name of a lake, successful
  • Onni: Luck
  • Nalle: Teddy bear
  • Erno: Variant of Ernest, meaning seriousness
  • Niilo: Victor of the people
  • Sirke: Perky, Lively
  • Joona: Jonah
  • Kaleva: Mythological ancestor of Finns
  • Ansa: Trap
  • Jalo: Noble
  • Aleksi: Defender

Excellent Finnish Dog Names

100+ Good Dog Names From Finland With Love 6

  • Ensio: First, primary
  • Kauno: Beautiful
  • Mirkku: Girl, beloved
  • Ahti or Ahto: God of the sea
  • Kesä: Summer
  • Airi: Herald, messenger
  • Kosto: Vengeance
  • Ukko: God of the sky and thunder
  • Syksy: Autumn
  • Panu: City dweller
  • Raisa: Adaptable, relaxed
  • Aurinko: Sun
  • Milla: Noble, freeborn
  • Oiva: Splendid
  • Elämä: Life
  • Paavo: Variant of Pavel, meaning small
  • Auvo: Honor
  • Tuli: Fire, flame
  • Into: Eagerness
  • Rae: Hailstone
  • Aate: Thought, idea
  • Leevi: From Levi, attached
  • Mainio: Excellent
  • Ilmatar: Spirit of the air in The Kalevala
  • Marja: Mary; berry
  • Floora: Flower
  • Salla: Name of a mountain
  • Kulta: Gold
  • Halla: Frost or freeze
  • Lumi: Snow
  • Otso: Bear
  • Sanna: Short oft Susanna, sann meaning truthful
  • Nyyrikki: Young ruler; god of the hunt
  • Lauha: Gentle
  • Birita: Exalted one
  • Iisakki: Isaak, he will laugh
  • Valo: Light
  • Kaiku: Echo
  • Kaisla: Reed
  • Armas: Beloved
  • alto: Wave
  • Ilma: Air
  • Taimi: Seedling
  • Heinä: Hay
  • Edel: Noble
  • Mainikki: Praised, excellent
  • Vaito: Silent one
  • Kaarna: Bark of a tree
  • Annikki: Pet name for Anna, Grace
  • Maikki: Pet name for Mai, pearl
  • Isebel: Jezebel
  • Aarre: Per form of Aron
  • Mielikki: Goddess of the forest, from miles meaning luck
  • Pekko: God of brewing
  • Taika: Magic
  • Talvi: Winter
  • Jouko: Pet name for Joukahainen, large or tall
  • Larssi: From Lars, meaning laurel
  • Kulta: Dear, sweetheart
  • Jorkki: Pet form of Jori or Jörgen meaning farmer or earth
  • Tapio: God of animals and the forest

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