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Best dog breeds for college students : When you move away from your parents and enter college, you face a lot of new experiences and difficulties: new people, new room, the necessity to pay for your loan, food and accommodation, more responsibility, constant deadlines and complicated tasks to be completed, not mentioning the overall stress and frustration. All of this can make you feel lonely and exhausted. It can also take a significant toll on your academic performance. To take some burden off your shoulders and deal with homework faster, you can use educational apps, make my essay online platforms, and learning portals. In addition, if some subject is particularly difficult for you, you can find a tutor. 

But, while the challenge with college assignments can be solved by sending a request «Please, do my math homework» to professional services or just finding people whom you can pay to do your homework, there is nothing you can do about being homesick and lacking communication with your school best friends and parents.


dog breeds for college students

Top dog breeds to have in college

To feel better and have at least one friend at the beginning of your college journey, you can get a dog: a little fluffy bundle of happiness that will cheer you up and be your support (providing your roommate doesn’t mind having a dog around). It can become a good stress reliever when you are overwhelmed with homework (unless you order essay by sending a request like «Is it the best company to do my essay? Can you do it cheap?»). Besides, you will have a living being that will love you and remind you about home. As you can see, there are many benefits to getting a dog as a student.

Furry Roommates: Best dog breeds for college students 1

The only thing you should do is decide on the breed: let’s admit it, you will not handle taking care of a large dog like husky or Saint Bernard in your small dorm room no matter how hard you try (in fact, it will be a pain for both of you). Your task is to find a dog compatible with your personality, more comfortable to be by your side than running outdoors, feeling okay to be by itself most of the time, and friendly enough to adapt to all new people in the hall. The limitations will be the size of the dog, dorm rules, and food budget. Here are top breeds that can fit your lifestyle:

  1. Cavalier SpanielFurry Roommates: Best dog breeds for college students 2

This breed is ideal for college as it is small in size and incredibly sweet: the dogs are calm, loving, and friendly. Even though they like exploring things outside, their small size is the reason they get tired quickly so you will have no problem with walking them twice a day;

  1. English bulldog Furry Roommates: Best dog breeds for college students 3

It is an unusual choice for a student, but in fact, the bulldog is great to have around. Dogs are not aggressive, calm, loyal, and love playing with people. As for the activity level, it will perfectly fit your lifestyle: bulldogs hate exercising and will be happy to skip a walk. Of course, you will have to make it run sometimes to be healthy, but you may not worry that being busy in college you make your dog suffer inside. The only disadvantage is that this breed is sensitive to heat, so if you study somewhere in California or Florida, you need to take care of air conditioning at home;

  1. Borzois Borzoi puppy sitting on a white background.

This breed is moderately large, so it can still be a good option for your little space. Dogs are well-mannered and extremely smart, which is good for your roommates: they are not barking at all. Borzois love being outside and require a lot of exercising so be ready to devote some time to running if you choose this breed;

  1. PekingeseFurry Roommates: Best dog breeds for college students 4

This little ball of fluff is a perfect companion for girls and is the first choice among all college students. It is small, calm, quiet, and just perfect for your college lifestyle as it doesn`t require much activity and is, in general, pretty lazy. You can cuddle up with it in cozy evenings;

  1. Golden retriever Furry Roommates: Best dog breeds for college students 5

This is a favorite breed of all families that will remind you about your home. They are extremely friendly, always happy, active, loyal, affectionate, and easily trainable. These dogs are slightly large and require your care and attention, so spending time together regularly is a must. Although they are very adaptive and can fit your schedule easily;

  1. Shih TzuFurry Roommates: Best dog breeds for college students 6

There are many reasons why this breed is great for students: these dogs live in small spaces with no problem, don`t need constant attention, and are incredibly affectionate. However, you should take care of their long coats by grooming and trimming it regularly;

  1. PugFurry Roommates: Best dog breeds for college students 7

Who doesn’t love pugs? They are sweet and adorable, even though they require specific food and are allergic to some things. These little plump dogs have unique appearance; they are loving and playful and can become great friends for years. Pugs do just fine indoors, and the only disadvantage is having to put up with loud snoring at night and when they are excited;

  1. Boston TerrierFurry Roommates: Best dog breeds for college students 8

This breed will help you relax after a hard day in college: it is energetic, playful, extremely intelligent, doesn`t drool too much, and eagerly responds to training. These dogs can live well in small apartments or dorm rooms, but they still need some exercising every now and then;

  1. Basset HoundFurry Roommates: Best dog breeds for college students 9

These dogs are recognized for being loyal and supportive, so they will stay by your side once you have a hard day. They live for 11-13 years and can make great friends still being small enough to fit into your limited space;

  1. PoodleFurry Roommates: Best dog breeds for college students 10

These dogs are very cute and warm personalities. They need some care to be done regularly (like grooming that can be quite pricey), but they are perfect for people who suffer from allergy, as you may not worry about having watery eyes and sneezing with them.