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Having a pet can improve your life in a lot of ways. When you have one, you’ll have a reason to exercise more often and meet new friends. Pets can also provide companionship 24/7, making it very easy for you to keep stress at bay and maintain your overall wellness.

Although rewarding, pet ownership will require responsibility and commitment. For your pet to live safely and happily for the longest time possible, you have to pay attention to their health all the time. As a pet owner, you are responsible for their nutrition, exercise, and overall health. When you suspect they are not at their best, watch out for signs you need to see the vet ASAP

Signs You Need To See The Vet ASAP

For you to ensure your pet’s health, be wary of the signs listed below. Once you see any, have your pet checked by a licensed and experienced vet as soon as possible.

Signs You Need To See The Vet ASAP.

  1. Sudden Change In Eating Habits

Nutrition is vital in pets. It’ll be challenging for your pet to ward off illnesses and diseases if they don’t eat or have a poor appetite. How can their body function well if their nutritional requirements are not met? Do you think your pet will still be energetic if their stomach is empty throughout the day?

If you see your pet leaving their bowl and treats untouched, it’s best if you take them to the vet right away. A sudden change in eating habits is a sign that your pet has dog flatulence or digestive issues.

While some health problems causing your pet’s poor appetite can be treated by over-the-counter medications, others require surgery. Avoid making guesses on what the cause of the problem is and let a vet properly diagnose your pet.

  1. Drinking Too Little Or A Lot signs you need to see the vet ASAP

Water plays a significant role in your pet’s health because it’s responsible for transferring nutrients to the cells and organs, as well as absorbing nutrients from food. Water also helps your pet’s body cool down and maintain a normal temperature. The amount of water your pet drinks on a regular basis can influence their health, which is why you should be keen on the moment your pet starts to drink too little or a lot of water.

Seeing your pet’s water bowl empty after a few hours or still full at the end of the day should immediately prompt you to see a vet. This problem is usually caused by severe digestive issues that, when not treated as soon as possible, can result in diabetes or kidney diseases.

  1. Difficult Or Rapid Breathing

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be an expert to determine how your pet is feeling. Sure, your pet might not be able to communicate to you directly, but their body language can help you assess if they are in pain or feel any discomfort.Signs You Need To See The Vet ASAP are communicated to you in language both of your speak. The signs are yours to read and interpret.

It’s common for pets to pant heavily during a hot day or after rigorous exercise, but if you notice your pet having a hard time breathing even if they are merely lying down indoors, that’s another story. Heavy and excessive panting can usually mean that your pet is overheating or is coping with a chronic health problem. Make sure to consult a vet when you notice any changes in your pet’s breathing pattern to prevent any health problems from worsening.

  1. Changes In Stool Or Excessive Vomiting

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Seeing your pet throw up their food once in a while is not a cause for concern. This is especially true if your pet doesn’t seem lethargic after throwing up. Usually, vomiting is their body’s response after eating too much food or eating too fast, or if they’ve eaten anything disagreeable.

If your pet starts to throw up, pay attention to the frequency and severity. Chronic vomiting, accompanied by continual changes in stool, can mean that your pet is suffering from serious allergies or digestive inflammation. Chronic vomiting is also one of the most common signs that your pet may have eaten something poisonous.

If your pet has been continuously vomiting for short periods and suffers from other symptoms, such as weight loss and fever, it’s best if you take them to the vet. These symptoms are usually caused by underlying health problems and should be treated by a professional right away.

  1. Lethargy Or Lack Of Energy

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Pets are generally very energetic. If you opt to take care of a cat or dog, for example, expect that you will have to spend hours playing and running around with them. The younger your pet is, the more energetic they are. The energy levels of your pet can also speak volumes about how they are feeling and help you determine if they are ill.

If you notice that your pet is no longer interested in playing with you or doesn’t want to accompany you for walks, call your vet immediately. Lethargy or lack of energy is a common sign that your pet has a physical complaint that hinders them from moving or may be ill.

  1. Irritated, Red, Or Weeping Eyessigns you need to see the vet ASAP

For you to properly take care of your pet, you need to pay attention to the small details about their body as these can speak a lot about how your pet is feeling. Aside from observing your pet’s body language, make sure that you also check their eyes. Seeing irritated, red, or weeping eyes can mean that your pet is currently suffering from infections. In some cases, this problem can be caused by an injury or scratch in your pet’s cornea, so make sure to have their eyes checked by a vet as soon as possible.

  1. Abnormal Gum ColorPet Care: 10 Signs You Need To See The Vet ASAP 4

Although it’s uncommon for some, checking your pet’s gum color is actually a must. The color of your pet’s gum can help you determine if they are healthy or suffering from any diseases or illnesses.

If your pet’s gum is pink, you don’t have to worry about anything as this can mean that blood is circulating normally through their body. Pink gums can also indicate that the vessels around your pet’s gums are healthy.

However, if you’re seeing pale or white gums, start calling a vet right away. Pale or white gums are an indication that your pet has problems with their blood circulation or is suffering from anemia. Regardless of the reason, leaving this problem untreated can result in blood loss, which is why it’s best to consult a vet as soon as possible.

Blue or gray gums, on the other hand, can mean that your pet has low oxygen levels in their bod or may be suffering from respiratory diseases. Over time, this problem can result in breathing problems and even heart failure.

  1. Skin Rashes Or Hair Changes

Your pet’s health can be reflected on their skin and coat. Healthy pets who eat properly balanced meals every day will have healthy skin and a smooth coat.

When spending time with your pet, don’t forget to brush their coat and check the color or texture of their skin. Any abnormalities, such as rashes, dryness, and dullness, can mean that your pet is suffering from allergies and irritations. These issues should be checked and diagnosed by a vet right away so your pet can immediately be treated.

Aside from significantly affecting your pet’s appearance, any abnormalities in the skin and coat can be very uncomfortable. Rashes, for example, can cause your pet to scratch excessively, which can eventually result in wounds and scars.

  1. Whining Or CryingPet Care: 10 Signs You Need To See The Vet ASAP 5

As mentioned, your pet can directly talk to you to let you know that they are hurting. However, your pet will have their own way of communicating to you, and they usually do this by making unusual sounds.

If you have been hearing a lot of whining and crying from your pet, be wary. These sounds can mean that your pet is in some kind of pain. The same is also true if your pet starts to shy away from your hand when you start to touch them.

Whining or crying can be caused by severe injuries and will require your pet to undergo full examination and x-rays. End your pet’s pain by visiting a vet once they start to whine or cry excessively.

  1. Inability To RisePet Care: 10 Signs You Need To See The Vet ASAP 6

Pets are often busy during the day. Dog owners would know how their furry friends love lying on the floor, playing with their toys, and running around the house. This is normal behavior among pets, especially if they are young.

If your pet had this kind of routine in the past and you now see them struggling to rise after lying down, consult a vet. Your pet’s inability to rise is an indication that they are suffering from muscle numbness, generalized weakness, or internal bleeding. Let a vet take a good look at your pet so they can properly assess the problem at hand and come up with tailored-fit solutions.

Let Pros Work

Pet Care: 10 Signs You Need To See The Vet ASAP 7

Regardless of how tempting it is to manage all of your pet’s health problems on your own, make sure that you don’t do it and let a professional intervene. More often than not, you don’t have the necessary experience and equipment for pet care, and doing the job alone will only do more harm than good. Let a vet take care of your pet to ensure that your furry friend stays healthy.