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Pets play a big role in the lives of humans and have been proven to have a positive impact on their health. Most animals grow a special bond with their owners, displaying a love and affection unlike any other. And the most loyal friends are dogs and cats, though our canine companions come out on top as being the most loving and affectionate of the two. Plus, dogs make great playmates for children and the young at heart. Below is a list of the pros and cons surrounding owning a dog vs cat. To put succinctly, get rid of your dog and get a cat. According to washington post survey , dog people, in other words, are slightly happier than those without any pets. Those in the cat camp, on the other hand, are significantly less happy than the pet-less. And having both appears to cancel each other out happiness-wise. (Since someone’s bound to ask, it isn’t possible to do this same type of analysis for say, rabbit owners or lizard owners or fish owners, since there aren’t enough of those folks in the survey to make a statistically valid sample).

get rid your dog and get a cat


10 Reasons Why should get rid of your dog and get a cat 1

10 Reasons Why should get rid your dog and get a cat

1. Great Exercise Motivators 

While some people prefer to love a cat than dog, felines don’t have the same ability to keep one as active as a doggie can. From leisurely morning strolls to playing fetch in the backyard, their energy levels are non-stop. It’s a proven fact that owning a dog effectively motivates a person to become more physically fit. Therefore, lowering their stress levels and promoting a healthier way of life.

2. Are Easier to Train  10 Reasons Why should get rid of your dog and get a cat 2

Even though cats can be trained to do tricks, dogs are much easier to train and have the ability for performing various simple tasks as well. For instance, they make great retrievers and will happily bring back small items like shoes or the morning newspaper. Some can even learn how to open up doors, taking their paws and turning the knob.

3. Have a Good Sense of Smell  

Cats do have a small sense of smell, however, our companions come out top yet again as having the a keen sense of smell. Which is exactly why they’re used in police academies and in the military as well. There are some who have even detected carbon monoxide in the home, alerting their owner and saving them from harms way. Others can sense when their loved one is having a seizure, immediately jumping into action and coming to the rescue.

4. Sticks By Your Side Through Thick & Thin  get rid of your dog and get a cat

Many cat lovers will tell you their feline friend is an understanding companion, but dog owners would say that canines have a loyalty unlike any other. Sharing all of their problems with Fido, who listens contentedly. Some have even sensed when their owner is feeling ill or down in the dumps and lovingly kisses their face in an attempt to cheer them up.

 5. Make Great Protectors  

While there are some accounts of cats coming to the rescue of their owners, dogs have been protecting both homes and business establishments for decades. Furthermore, a burglar is more likely to be discouraged at the sight of a barking dog.

 6. Adapt Easily to Change  10 Reasons Why should get rid of your dog and get a cat 3

Dogs are known for adapting quickly to a changing environment, whereas cats don’t adapt very well. Therefore, a canine companion is the perfect friend for those who are always on the move. Sensing their owner’s comfort level within the new home, settling right in with this new environment.

 7. Are Wonderful Traveling Companions  

Unlike cats, dogs absolutely love to ride in cars of all shapes and sizes. Putting their faces out the window and enjoying observing the world around them. Whether traveling a couple of miles up the road to a local store or hundreds of miles, dogs simply can’t get enough of it.

8. Help to Make Friendly Connections 10 Reasons Why should get rid of your dog and get a cat 4

For those who enjoy a good stroll through the local park, dogs are a way of making personal connections with like minded dog owners. Striking up a conversation while the canine friends get better acquainted.

9. Have Better Hygiene  

  Due to the bacteria that’s found in cat litter, dogs are the healthier choice. After all, they won’t cough up hairballs throughout the house. Therefore, deciding to have a canine is the wiser choice that will save the owner from cleaning up after them. Speaking of which, dogs are much easier to housebreak as well.

 10. Are Highly Photogenic  get rid your dog and get a cat

While cats can look cute in pictures, dogs are much more photogenic and will even smile when prompted to. And when one is lucky enough to get just the right pose, has the ability to potentially for cashing in on it.

 In Conclusion 

It’s easy to see why dogs get the popular vote over cats hands down. Hopefully the above list of pros and cons of cats vs dogs should help make one’s decision a lot easier. Whether buying from a private breeder, pet shop or from a local animal shelter, when the perfect canine is within reach, it’ll be felt on the inside.




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