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The black golden retriever is just the perfect dog for a family. It is one of the most charming, intellectual and amiable dog who would be perfect for any family with little kids. They are playful and social and will always be the one to initiate a friendly conversation by coming close or woofing politely. Therefore they are getting extremely popular amongst the new generation.

Dog Garden Pet -black golden retriever

The Black golden retriever is a variety from the breed of Golden retriever who have always been popular as a pet in families. The kids love to play with them, the young enjoy their company, and the adults love to take them to walks and the aged love to pet them. So, the Black golden retriever have the same characteristics as the popular Golden retriever, they are social, amiable, loving, caring and playful. The only different is the charcoal cum black fur-coat that makes it different on the outside appearance. They are just the same from inside, they share the same characteristics, and could give you the love and affection you expect from the golden breed itself. It is just that the golden fluffy bag of fur is now an elegant black one.The BLACK GOLDEN RETRIEVER 1

The best part about the black golden retriever is that it is surely a pure breed if you buy it from a genuine dealer. The black golden retriever are black due to a recessive gene combination that shows when the dominant one does not end up in the gene. Just like in humans when the recessive genes are taken from both parents, they show out their characteristic as the dominant gene is absent. Similarly the glamourous black coat of the black golden retriever is due to the fact that the recessive genes have come out to dominate the fur coat.

Many people mistakenly think that that black golden retriever and the flat-coated retrievers are the same but they are not. They both are two different breeds altogether. Although there are visible physical similarities if you look at both for the first time, but if you be in it a bit longer you will see visible difference in its fur. The flat coated retrievers have a long and wavy coat and the black golden retrievers have thick fur coat. Even characteristically the two breeds are different, and it is not advisable to keep the Flat coated retrievers if you are a first time dog owner. They demand a great deal of activity and have a habit of wandering out and about.black golden retriever

The black golden retrievers on the other hand have a relaxed nature, they are easy to get along with new people, easy to train for little tasks at home too and the best part is, they do not bark too loud to irritate like the others. They are just so lovable and will stay beside you as part of your family.

The black golden retriever, though can quickly learn many tricks and can perform well in front of an audience but sadly according to the rules of the coloration requirements of the British, Canadian and American, they can never do so.

The specification of the black golden retriever is that it can live up to 12 or if lucky then 13 years. They can have a height of around 23-24 inches that make it perfect when you bend down or kneel down to give it a pet. A healthy retriever can weigh from 70-76 lbs.

The Truth About Black Golden Retrievers

Apart from the difference in the fur-coat, there are minor other differences between the black and the traditional golden retriever. Both of the dogs are lively, friendly social and loving. They love to swim and can go beyond, so need to keep an eye on them while they are in water as they can get distracted easily while playing in pond or lake. They love to play fetch games, that’s the reason they are most popular with the kids. They enjoy being patted on face and back and some even want to have their tummy rubbed.

The Black Golden retriever love to be around people, it keeps them socially active. They need to be physically active and mentally aroused. If, for some reason they cannot be kept physically and mentally stimulated then they would probably get rough with little things, like baby’s toys or maybe your new shoes, which you really do not want. So be careful if you happen to get a moody dog for yourself, just keep them active and focused in one way or the other. This will keep him healthy and happy, giving you a good friend for a decade or so.

Those who are already aware of the qualities of the Golden retriever might know how easy it is to get along with it. Similarly the black golden retrievers are more or less same just that they are a different color, and black is an elegant one to have. They are perfect for families with kids and elderlies, that gives them a lot of variety to play, go on walks, and so on. They are social and will get along with guests and strangers, they are easy to train and behave well in crowds as well.Dog Garden Pet -black golden retriever

They might get a bit expensive, could cost you $1200 to $16000 but all that cost is worth for a long term playful friend for 12 years, just make sure the dog is a guarantee from your breeder and you keep him healthy with regular vet visits. Make sure you do your research by asking around, using the online search engines, and help from the real black golden retriever owners to guide you through the process. You must also have your hands on a well-reputed Black Golden retriever Specialist for maintaining regular health checks, even prior to going home with you, and later.

The black golden retriever are one of the most loving and exciting breed there is. They are interesting and give your life and exciting twist as they become a close part of your family for years.



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