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There is simply no denying that your cat is probably like a member of the household. Although your cat might not be a walking, talking child, you probably feel like he or she is. In fact, there are probably many occasions when you find yourself talking and conversing with your pet like he or she is a human being. This is completely natural and there is nothing to feel ashamed about. Cats make great companions and can provide a plethora of benefits. The only problem is that cats do also come with a lot of potential downsides. To start off, it is a well-known fact that your cat’s breath isn’t going to smell like a bouquet of freshly cut roses.So let us talk about cat breath and how to deal with it.Top Tips For Dealing With Bad Cat Breath 11

A simple piece of fish or steak between the teeth could ensure that this is true. However, you also do need to know that it is not normal for a cat’s breath to reek. If you are having a hard time getting new your pet then it is entirely possible that there is an underlying condition here. You can use the following tips to ensure that your cat’s breath stays fresh and minty for as long as possible.

Start With The DocTop Tips For Dealing With Bad Cat Breath 12

You just learned above that if your cat’s breath is bad then there is a good chance that it could be due to some underlying condition. This will be especially true in those cases where your cat’s breath makes a complete 180. For instance, if your cat’s breath is good one day while you are cuddling and the next, you notice an immediate change then this is a good indication that something could be wrong medically. This could, in fact, be a huge sign of trouble. Periodontal disease is a disease that usually results from the buildup of plaque on your cat’s teeth.Top Tips For Dealing With Bad Cat Breath 13

Not only is this an extremely common condition for house cats, but it is one that could lead to other potential problems. If you notice that your cat’s breath goes from good to bad then you are going to want to pay a visit to the doc first thing because it is entirely possible that the situation stems from some kind of underlying condition that only your vet can cure with prescription medications. Keep in mind that there are also other underlying conditions that can cause a cat’s breath to smell bad.

Change Up That DietTop Tips For Dealing With Bad Cat Breath 14

Did you know that you might be the cause of your cat’s bad breath? That’s right, and while there are not many things of your cat’s life that you can control, you do have the ability to control his or her breath. And, it all starts right in the kitchen. Any expert from petsumer will simply tell you that changing your cat’s diet could improve his or her bad breath. Foods that are high in fish or liver can give off unpleasant odors. If this is a situation that you could be potentially facing then the best thing to do would be to look for cat foods that offer alternative protein sources.

Just be sure to monitor your cat very close when you make these changes because it is entirely possible that switching up your cat’s diet could cause stomach or other appetite-related issues.

Dental Health Is KeyTop Tips For Dealing With Bad Cat Breath 15

Just because your cat is a pet it doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t need regular routine and care. You wash your cat or dog when they stink, don’t you? Well, why wouldn’t you brush your cat’s teeth on a regular basis to prevent them from smelling? If this is something that you are skipping then you need to start right now. Brushing your cat’s teeth on a daily basis will not only improve his or her breathe, but it could improve their overall quality of life. Give your pet the very best!



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