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Having a Pet While a Student: Those who tell you they don’t  like pets are either liars or just bad people you should keep an eye on. However, even those who are crazy about all the cats, dogs, fish, and other lovely creatures can’t offer them a home for various reasons: some are traveling on business a lot, others don’t own their place to live or financially unable to afford their provision and health cost, or – they are students ..Having a Pet While a Student

In this article, we will talk about what are the pros and cons of having a pet when you are a student ( student pet owner ) and give you some free tips on how to make owning a pet less pricey and stressful.

Advantages of Owning a Pet for Students

Depending on the type of a pet you can possibly have, you may come across various factors that will make it a kind of hell yeah! or o way! experience. Let’s start with the pros of having one during your studying years.

They Teach Us to Be Kind

College is not about studying all those smartbooks, writing papers, and creating samples – it’s also a tough school of life and hard-core people communication course offline for free. Having a pet does change human behavior for better, and you can trace it from such small bits like taking care of your neighbor, keeping the door for the next entrant, etc. Because we help other creatures to live a better life, we become better, kinder people we can ever be. The best part? It is traced to our interaction with other people.

They Make Our Life Less StressfulАdvantages and Disadvantages Having a Pet While a Student 1

If you have a dog, you know that feeling when you come back from studies or work, down and tired as hell knowing that, for example, there is a health essay waiting for you for that Biology class. But all of your negative emotions suddenly disappear the second your doggo see you on a horizon. Yup, you might be licked from the head to toes, but that stress immediately goes away as your pet just came up to you so happy for your return. And yes, you unfortunately can’t say her/him  but if you take some time training him/her, they can get your sleepers or pajama pants for free to help you get cozier quicker and get down to work anxiety-free. And this is one of many samples of your dog’s ways to show the devotion and love they feel for you. If you deserve it, of course.

They Can Help Us Socialize

By far, you probably know that talks about pets are the only small talks one should be engaged in because, comparatively to talking about the weather or coffee, they are at least cute. So, when you have a pet hamster or cat, you can always pick up the talk and finally get rid of your fear to talk with other people. And you can always invite your friends over to play with them. Of course, you can imagine you have one and start a friendly batter, but in this case, you probably have some other problems than just those with socializing. Just saying.

They Can Make  You a Person with CommitmentАdvantages and Disadvantages Having a Pet While a Student 2

For some pets, giving food and cleaning the cage once a week is not enough – some require your attention on a daily basis, like dogs, or your uninterrupted attention, like cats. Knowing that you have a duty to attend to your beastie several times a day every day teaches you the responsibility that most of the students of your age still lack. We don’t want to convert you to a night watcher or something but a basic understanding of need-to-do behavior you should definitely learn before you’re off to independent life.

While those things are all rosy and cozy, let’s also consider the less pleasant issues that owning a pet can cause for a student.

Disadvantages of Having a PetАdvantages and Disadvantages Having a Pet While a Student 3

Below are the downside examples of having an animal you’re supposed to take care of and for the sake of you both, read that too before considering changing your life for good.

They Will Need Your Time¦

Having a Pet While a Student is also a responsibility but can be fun. And this is not only to feed them or change the sand in the box. They are not toys, you might’ve heard from your parents when you asked for a pet when you were a kid. And now you should know that they are not. You can’t just go away for a 4-day mountain trip with your friends, at least without them. But let us tell you this: maybe for a dog, this will be an exciting trip, but the cats are less eager to leave the house even for a balcony walk, saying nothing about the fish or snake. They aren’t also built to remain at home unattended while you’re living an online life.

Your MoneyАdvantages and Disadvantages Having a Pet While a Student 4

Because they are living and breathing organisms, they need to eat good food to feel good, and when they got sick, they need their doctor to cure the diseases. All that requires money, and in some situations – a lot of it. Now put your hand on your heart and say sincerely: would you sacrifice everything to save your pet when the need be? That’s the answer to if you should have a pet.

Having a Pet While a Student And Your Kindness

It’s enough cruelty in the human world, why exercise it on those who least deserve it? Yes, the times can be difficult, and you might have a fiery temper, but if you’re going to project that on all your animal, don’t have one. They deserve a kind, generous partner in crime or none at all.Аdvantages and Disadvantages Having a Pet While a Student 5

The decision to adopt a puppy or get any other kind of animal as a pet when you still go to college is important for both of you, and you should consider all the sides of the issues to make the right decision. Luckily, we gave you some pointers to start your process being fully aware of what it can mean to have a pet at home.



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