The cultivation, use, and storage of marijuana are becoming increasingly common with more and more areas legalising the plant. As such, marijuana has become more prevalent in houses, increasing the chances of it coming in contact with family pets.How to Keep Your Pet Safe from Your Marijuana, and Your Stash Safe from Your Pet

In some reported cases, the consumption of marijuana or being around its smoke has had little effect on pets. In other cases, though, a pet getting at a poorly-stored stash can result in the need for fast medical action.

While your pet’s well being here is the most important aspect, it should also be noted that marijuana isn’t something that you’d be happy to see carelessly gobbled up by your dog or cat as it can cost a lot of money to buy or take a lot of time to grow.

As marijuana isn’t an addictive substance and it’s extremely difficult for humans to overdose on it, some people think that their pets will be able to handle the properties of the plant, but growing evidence suggests to the contrary. When it comes to your pet and your stash, it’s best to keep the two separate. Here’s why and how:

Seeking CBD oils

A commonly used product of the cannabis plant is CBD oil, which is low in the THC that creates a ‘high’ in users. Anecdotal evidence suggests that its use on pets reduces anxiety and pain, however, the benefits of using CBD oil on pets is yet to be conclusively or scientifically proven.

Regardless of this, people will still use it on their pets if they see it as working. As people are becoming more accustomed to marijuana and its medicinal qualities for humans, the assumption slips over to their furry companions. As stated, a lot of the findings are unsubstantiated, but it has caused common thinking that marijuana and cannabis products are fine for pets.

Without an in-depth scientific study, people can only be warned of the side effects that come with pets’ consumption of marijuana, which includes: slow response times, dribbling urine, a lack of coordination, as well as drooling and vomiting – despite marijuana’s anti-nausea effects in humans. People who allow their pets to consume marijuana are advised to administer life-saving treatment as it is considered to be a poison for pets.

Proper marijuana storage techniques

Due to how the quality of cannabis is influenced by light, temperature, oxygen, and moisture, following the proper protocols of marijuana storage should also keep your stash away from your pets. One of the most obvious reasons here is that cannabis should be kept out of the light, so keeping it stored behind a closed-door should help to keep your pet away from your stash.

Following the other proper protocols of marijuana storage will also help to keep your weed in prime condition and out of reach of inquisitive pets. You’re advised to keep cannabis in colored, air-tight, glass mason jars as they protect it from the light, air, and excess moisture and keep it fresh. Only opening the jars when retrieving the plant is key to maintaining its freshness, so be sure to take your bud, seal the jar, and put it back in the cupboard.

How to Properly Store Medical Cannabis?
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Cool and dark storage locations are ideal for maintaining your green, with oxygen and light exposure being the enemy. So, just by sticking to the correct methods of marijuana storage, your stash should automatically be out of the reach of your pets – assuming that they’re not able to get into places like larder cupboards or basements without your supervision.

It’s important to keep your pet protected from any substances in your house that may cause them harm. So, for now, it’s best to treat your marijuana as you would a bottle of bleach or a bar of chocolate and store it properly and out of the reach of your pets



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