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CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs : One of the many questions asked by CBD-users is about the optimum dosage of CBD oil. Whether it’s you or your dog, it is important to ensure the appropriate dosage of this miraculous treatment. However, the answer is not that simple and involves numerous steps to finally come down to the ideal dosage of CBD. CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs

It is important to decide on the optimum dosage of CBD for your dog because firstly, the benefits would maximize and your dog will heal sooner than you know, and secondly, even though CBD is organic in nature, still over dosage of anything might be problematic for the body. 

Thus, it is important to decide on the ideal dosage of CBD. It depends on certain factors that need to be looked into before coming up with that magical dosage that would chase away all the problems of your fur ball. Let’s get into the bottom of this and clear all the confusion.

Things to know before feeding CBD to your dog

Before we learn about the dosage, it is important to learn some basics about CBD dosage. To begin with, CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. It is quite popular for its healing abilities and therapeutic benefits. CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs: Optimum Amount and Frequency 11

Unlike others of its kind, CBD doesn’t produce ‘high’ in people or animals for the reason that it contains almost nil amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is solely responsible for producing the ‘high.’

Another important thing that you should know that CBD is no more a part of ‘controlled substances’ and has been legalized across all 50 states under the 2018 Farm Bill. That’s it. So do not worry and start the CBD course for the benefit of your pet. 

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs:Basic dosage rules for dogs

It is generally recommended to keep the dosage between .25 mg and 0.5mg of CBD per every 1 lb of body weight.  For instance, if your dog weighs 40 lbs, then multiply is weight by .25 to get 10 mg of CBD. Thus, the optimum dose for the dog would be 40x.25= 10mg.

The basic dosage for dogs can be divided into CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs: Optimum Amount and Frequency 12

  1. Regular dosage:  This dosage is somewhere around .25 mg of CBD. It can be consumed as supplements for wellness and good health. A regular CBD dosage helps in boosting immune system, anxiety, nausea, moderate joint and body pain, minor stress, digestive issues, etc.
  1. Strong dosage: It starts somewhere around .5mg of CBD and can go up depending on the size of your furry friend. It is consumed for the treatment of problems like epileptic seizures, cancer-related symptoms, severe joint pains, arthritis, tumors, depression, severe anxiety, extreme nausea, severe insomnia, high inflammation, etc. 

Factors that affect the CBD dosage of your dog 

There are three basic factors that influence the dosage of CBD for your dog

  1. The potency of CBD oil:  The type of CBD oil that you treat your dog is a determining factor for the CBD dosage. A dog treat blended with CBD oil is obviously not as pure as the straight CBD tincture. Thus, this affects the dosage of CBD for dogs.

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs: Optimum Amount and Frequency 13

  1. Weight/size of your dog: Weight and other physical factors of every dog also help in determining the ideal dosage of CBD. Apart from the weight, there is also age and height that helps in reaching the perfect dosage to maximize the benefit. For instance, if a dog weighs 30 pound then 25 mg of CBD oil will do well for him. However, a 100 pound dog will get no benefit out of 25 mg of oil. 


  1. The problem you want to treat:  Every problem demands different dosage of CBD oil. If your dog is suffering from anxiety, the dosage might be lesser than another dog’s problem of chronic pain. So, this is how this works.

So, how much CBD oil should a dog consume on a daily basis?CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs: Optimum Amount and Frequency 14

One must know that CBD dosage is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Thus, there is confusion amongst CBD-users about the dosage. The best scenario is to start from the smallest dosage and keep increasing the same until you think your dog has found his or her optimum dosage. 

On a daily basis, the average CBD dosage should be between o.25 mg and .4 mg. One can keep increasing the dosage. Also, it depends on the problem you are treating.

Greenthevoteok says:For example, if your dog suffers from a particular anxiety, say, before a stormy weather, then it is recommended to treat him with the dosage at 30 minutes before the weather goes grey. To treat the pain, frequency of dosage should be every 8 hours. 

Even though the dosage of each dog differs, here is a chart that recommends average dosage for dogs of different weights-

Dog Weight             Low dose     Medium dose     Strong dose

About 10 pounds –   1 mg               3 mg     5 mg

About 20 pounds –   2 mg           6 mg           10 mg

About 30 pounds –   3 mg           8 mg           15 mg

About 40 pounds –   4 mg         10 mg             20 mg

About 50 pounds –   5 mg         12 mg             25 mg

About 60 pounds –   6 mg         14 mg             30 mg

About 70 pounds –   7 mg         16 mg             35 mg

About 80 pounds –   8 mg         18 mg             40 mg

About 90 pounds –   9 mg         20 mg             45 mg

About 100 pounds – 10 mg                      24 mg 50 mg

CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs: Optimum Amount and Frequency 15

Closing thoughts

As mentioned earlier, there is no official chart maintained by FDA for CBD dosage. For this very reason, it is important to pay special attention to the dosage for your furry friend. For more information and  to ensure the appropriate dosage for your dog , consult a vet or a medical practitioner, preferably someone who knows about the medical history of your dog, and then start the course. 



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