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Dog attacks can be frightening, most especially if you don’t have any idea how to deal with it. While you thought to turn away from the aggressive dog and start running like an Olympic sprinter can make a great escape plan, these acts are not advisable when dealing with this kind of situation. So, how do you deal with a mad dog?

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In this post, you’ll learn some helpful ways to deal with a dog attack so you’ll know the best things to do if you encounter such a stressful situation.

Stand Still and Ignore the Dog

A dog tends to become aggressive and attack people because of sensing fear, or the dog is stressed out or suffering from anxiety. The signs of aggression include snarling, growling, lunging, and baring teeth. Also, there are subtle signs like a small freeze or a moment of tension.How To Deal With A Dog Attack 14

So, if you’re caught into this situation, it’s best to stay completely still and ignore the dog. In this way, you show the dog that you’re harmless and no plans of hurting him. You won’t cause additional stress or source of fear for the aggressive animal, and even lessen his anxiety and a strong reason to attack you.

Here are some helpful tips when dealing with an aggressive dog:

  • Keep still for a short time. Avoid eye contact, cross your arms, or put your side to the side, and turn your body slowly to your side.
  • Don’t stand so you’re positioned ahead of the dog or behind it.
  • For a no-escape situation, position yourself in a fetal position if you’re in the ground. You can do this by curling into a ball on your knees. Place your clasped hands behind your neck to protect your head and throat. Eventually, the dog gets tired and will leave you. After the attack, get medical help, report the incident, and seek monetary damages.

Don’t Yell or ShoutHow To Deal With A Dog Attack 15

Ask someone for help without shouting. Don’t scare the dog by shouting or yelling. Don’t try to be friendly by talking to the dog in a soft voice. There’s a higher chance of the dog provoking you if you attempt to communicate.

As much as possible, appear boring and completely ignore the dog. But if you know the name of the dog, you can say its name slowly and calmly yo let him know that you’re not a threat.

Don’t Provoke the DogHow To Deal With A Dog Attack 16

Spraying a pepper spray or positioning yourself in a defense position, like aiming an umbrella to the dog, is not advisable if the dog is not attacking you yet. These things will just increase tension and cause an explosion, making the aggression worse.

Here are the things you can do if a dog begins to bite or is attacking you:

  • Use a stick, rolled-up jacket, umbrella, bag, or any barrier you can place between you and the aggressive dog.
  • Covering the dog’s head with a blanket, jacket, or shirt can help block his eyesight for a short moment, so you have time to run and escape.
  • Don’t hit the dog because it will only heighten the animal’s anger level.
  • If ever you’re caught in a dog fight, you can block the vision of the dog by covering his head with a shirt, jacket, or blanket to disengage.

Keep Others SafeHow To Deal With A Dog Attack 17

Strolling in the park with your family or your dog is fun and healthy. But what if an aggressive dog comes and approaches you? How do you deal with it? First and foremost, keep children and other dogs behind you to protect them from the angry dog. Tell them in a calm voice to keep still and don’t run. Don’t attempt to pick up your child or dog because the dog will perceive it as an aggressive act.

Let the Dog Sniff You

Dogs use their sense of smell to perceive a threat. So if a dog approaches you and sniffs your legs or waist, allow the dog to do it. Just keep still while the dog is sniffing you. However, if you find it uncomfortable, slowly move away from the dog to avoid provocation.

Sustaining Injuries from a Dog Attack

Get medical help immediately for your injuries. Make sure to get the necessary treatment like anti-rabies vaccination for your protection. After this, report the incident to the local Animal Control.

ConclusionHow To Deal With A Dog Attack 18

Whether you’re walking on the street or in a park and a dog approaches you, you have to stay calm, stand still, and avoid communicating with the aggressive animal. Handling an explosive dog attack should involve using a barrier so you won’t get bitten, such as your bag or rolled-up jacket. Don’t provoke the dog or attempt to run fast because the dog will just also run after you.



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