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CBD Oil for Dog Anxiety : Does your dog seem scared during bad weather? Does he hide under the bed when someone new stops by at your place? Does he or she also get hyperactive when you are about to leave home for a few hours? Well, you are not alone. This is a typical case of anxiety in dogs and you do not  have to worry about it a bit. 

CBD Oil for Dog Anxiety





Because of the numbers of CBD dog treats that are available in the markets, it is about time you allow CBD oil to introduce to you an alternative treatment for your furry friend’s anxiety. If you live in the US, chances are that you have already heard or read about the miraculous therapeutic qualities of CBD oil in humans. Well, it has certain positive effects on dogs as well. Yes!

So, how does it help your puppy deal with anxiousness? Well, read on to know about it.

CBD oil for Dog anxiety

CBD oil is the product of Cannabidiol or CBD, a chemical compound extracted from the cannabis or hemp plant. What makes it unique from marijuana, hashish, and other compounds found in the same plant is its non-intoxicating trait. CBD Oil for Dog Anxiety : How It Calms Down Your Little Friend 1

CBD is known for its medicinal and therapeutic values. It does not create the high  in living beings because it carries a miniscule amount of high-inducing THC. This alone makes it quite a catch among wellness experts.

Even though there hasn’t been a lot of research in the healing qualities of CBD for dogs anxiety , there are several anecdotes across the nation where dog owners claimed to have noticed sudden improvement in anxiety levels of their pets after a regular intake of CBD oil.

So, how does CBD puts them at ease?CBD Oil for Dog Anxiety : How It Calms Down Your Little Friend 2

Well, according to certain , CBD oil interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors of the body to maintain a healthy balance in the system. These receptors are located in the brain and central as well as peripheral nervous system. CBD also helps in releasing of these receptors in the body naturally, which enhances serotonin level in the brain. This automatically helps in reducing anxiety from the body.

Just like humans, dogs as well, have this endocannabinoid system where these receptors are found. The treatment takes place in dogs in the same way it does in humans. However, there are specially formulated CBD treats available in the market for pets, and thus, one should buy the same for their pets.

What causes anxiety in dogs?CBD Oil for Dog’s Anxiety

Anxiety can affect your furry friend in various ways and for many reasons. Some dogs are more sensitive and thus, susceptible to anxiety. However, anxiety can be divided into these two main areas 

  1. Situational ”Triggered by bad weather, fireworks, strangers, travelling, etc.
  2. Behavioral Separation anxiety

Even though they are two different areas of anxiety, the symptoms are more or less same. Here are a few characteristics of a dog suffering from anxiety-

  • Pacing
  • Panting
  • Being aggressive for no reason
  • Loss of appetite
  • Whimpering
  • Trembling
  • Urinating or defecating on the floor or areas where they usually don’t
  • Licking lips nervously 
  • Hyper-activeness

Within a week of starting the CBD course on your dog, you will notice that the above symptoms will start disappearing and your dog will remain calm on most of the days. 

There is  more to CBD than treatment of anxiety in dogs

Even though we are discussing only about the effect of CBD on anxious dogs, there are many physical and mental issues that are treated by a regular intake of CBD oil. Some of the typical dog problems, such as, seizures, body pain, arthritis pain, neuropathic pain, cancer and tumor prevention, blood disorders, mood regulation, diabetes, etc. are successfully treated with the help of this alternate medication. The best part is that CBD is all natural and does not contain toxic chemicals. Also, it is totally affordable and available in abundance.

The Best CBD Oil for your dog

What must you look in CBD oil at the time of purchase? Well, there are not a lot of things but to begin with, you must buy the oil and products that are exclusively formulated for pets, in this case, dogs. If you are looking for products that are good for your dog visit cannabisradar, it has the best cbd oils of dogs which are sorted for you to buy.

CBD Oil for Dog Anxiety : How It Calms Down Your Little Friend 3

Also, when you buy CBD oil for your dog, make sure to ask yourself the following questions-

  1. Is it organic or natural?

It is important to buy only organically-grown CBD products for your pet. When grown naturally, the CBD oil is of the highest quality. The organically-grown CBD oil uses pharmaceutical grade ethanol to process the plant, which helps in removing toxins, such as, fertilizers and chemicals, from the product.

2 What is  the amount of THC

If your product is of good quality, the THC level of the same would be less than 0.3%, which is almost nil. This means that while it will not create any kind of high in your canine friend, it will still have sleep-inducing traits which will only help in easing the anxiety and getting them better sleep.

3.Is it lab-tested by third party? CBD Oil for Dog Anxiety : How It Calms Down Your Little Friend 4

You should not buy any CBD oil that does not  carry a certificate of analysis which is lab-tested by third party. It is quite easy to access the report and if  it is not  there, even on asking, then that probably means that the product is not of the best quality and the company might be a fraud as well. Always ask the  vendor more information about the quality of their products . If they can not provide this information, it is  suggested that you move on from this product and find a better company.

4.What is the extraction process?

Even though the extraction and manufacturing process of CBD is not regulated by the US government, it is still imperative to know if the methods used were cheap or not. Please make sure that solvents such as Hexane and Butane are not involved in the process since they are highly toxic in nature.

Optimal dosage of CBD for treatment of dog anxiety

Since the dosage of CBD is not regulated by FDA, there is no standard chart for you to stick to. Nonetheless, it is recommended by the experts to begin your course with small dosage of CBD oil. The suggested dosage is around 0.5 mg/pound. If your dog weighs less than 20-25 pounds, then a 600 m bottle of CBD oil can last for more than two months. CBD Oil for Dog Anxiety : How It Calms Down Your Little Friend 5

The best way to figure out your CBD dosage is via medical expert or your dog’s vet. You must consult them before starting the course for your dog. It is absolutely imperative to do this.

It may take a week or two for the positive results to show up but as per a thousand anecdotes across the nation, it definitely helps your furry friend in dealing with their anxiety.

Closing thoughtsCBD Oil for Dog Anxiety : How It Calms Down Your Little Friend 6

The research on therapeutic abilities of CBD is on-going. However, the lack of it has  not stopped people from trying this alternate medical treatment for themselves and their anxious dogs. That alone sets a tone for you to at least go ahead and try this treatment.

Perhaps, the best part about this treatment is that it all-natural, affordable and comes with no known side effects. If your dog does not seem comfortable with this treatment, after a week, then consult your vet immediately.



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