A dog collar is no longer the only thing a dog can wear. There are plenty of dog outfits there and who doesn’t like to pamper their dog. I think dogs are very much a part of the family and just as we pamper little children in the house, we can always think of doing something special for our furry friends. Instead, you have to admit it that most of us have thought of getting a costume for the dog. From a stylish sweater to a frilly frock we have all tried to dress up our dogs on some or the other occasions. 

5 Secrets to Dressing Your Dog Like a Pro 7

Sure, not all of you think the same way but some small and short-haired breeds definitely need a sweater or a jacket while playing outside. But whatever your reason is for dressing up your dog we have a few secrets that will help you dress your dog like a pro. 

First, train your dog to wear clothes

The key to successful training is treating your dog with goodies when he or she wears the outfit for the first time. Instead, treating your dog, service dog or emotional support animal for positive behavior will help you inculcate good habits over a short period of time. This step is necessary because most dogs feel constrained in the outfit and it is natural for them to feel suffocated. Also, start training your dog in the early stages because with time they are more likely to become tolerant of clothes.  5 Secrets to Dressing Your Dog Like a Pro 8

In addition to this, you can also increase the time period for which your dog wears clothes. You can start with five minutes and then slowly and steadily increase the time until your furry friend starts wearing it for up to two to three hours. But don’t forget to reward him each time he wears a different costume. This way your dog will realize that wearing a costume is fun and for doing the same you get food. 

Simple outfits work best if your dog is not used to being dolled up5 Secrets to Dressing Your Dog Like a Pro 9

There are two things that you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, not all dogs will get accustomed to the idea of wearing a costume. Some might develop irritability or behave aggressively while wearing a costume. Second, you have to ensure that your dog is not allergic to the material of the cloth because some dog breeds are prone to catching allergies easily. So, in such cases, it is best advised that you leave the dog alone. 

But if your dog does not fall in any of the above-mentioned categories, here’s what you can do. You can start with a simple outfit like a sweater made out of soft fabric or a jacket that will protect him from fleas and insects. You can also go for a simple bow-tie, a t-shirt or a hat if your dog is not at all accustomed to wearing the clothes. 

Measure your dog and then pick the right size

To measure your dog take an inch tape and then note down the size of the neck, back, and the girth. You can also consult a sizing chart. Most of the online vendors have a sizing chart and it may correspond to the size of your dog. If in case the size does not match, you can opt for a size that is one size bigger to ensure that the dog is comfortable. 

While purchasing the costume also make sure that you watch out for all the elements that can hurt your dog. For example, the costume should not cover the legs, ears, eyes, whiskers or mouth. The costume should allow him to move freely and if you think your dog is not at all comfortable in the costume remove it immediately. So, go ahead and measure your dog and then choose an extremely comfortable costume. 

Talk to your vet for a recommendation

Your vet is not an expert on dog fashion but he or she can definitely suggest to you what cloth material can be the best for your dog. So, before you purchase apparel for your dog, visit your vet and then talk to him about all allergies your dog can easily get. Considering the skin sensitivity I am sure the vet will be able to suggest a few things. And you will also get to know if your dog will face anxiety after wearing a certain costume. 

So, ask all the necessary questions from the veterinary. Tio begin with you can ask him what should I do if my dog accidentally chokes on the costume? Which material will cause him irritability and is it okay to dress the dog in costumes that have glitter on them? Eventually, all these questions will help you pick a specific dress that is only made for your dog. 

Check your dog’s temperament 

One way or the other, this is the only thing that you have to be cautious about. Because you can train your dog for months and years but if you do not keep an eye on the dog, there is a possibility that some catastrophic event might take place. So, look for signs like too much energy, trouble while sitting, sudden quiet behavior, extensive chewing, etc. All these behaviors are warning signs. Too much energy means that your dog is anxious and needs to get rid of the costume right away. Not only this but if your dog is displaying other behavioral signs like the tail tucked between the legs, quivering and furrowed ears. This all means that your dog is not at all comfortable in the dress. 

In these cases, you can discard the idea of dolling up your dog. Instead, try using accessories like a fancy collar or a unique leash. There are several types of collars and leashes out there in the market. It is not mandatory for you to pick the usual collar all the time. Instead, you can pick something that will look different on your dog. 





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