Do you have a new dog? There are some pet essentials you need to take proper care of your new friend. Read our article and learn what you need to buy!

5 Pet Essentials Every Dog Owner Needs 15Cuddles. Fetch. Undying devotion.

These are important but aren’t all your furry friend needs. They also need to be well-fed, exercised, and given a comfortable bed to crash in. Have you just got a pup and not sure what they need?

Here are the top 5 pet essentials.

  1. Collar, Leash, and Harness5 Pet Essentials Every Dog Owner Needs 16

Walkies are one of the top dogs must-haves.  Some dogs are calm when they’re on their walk so a flat collar is ideal.

Owners who have pooches prone to pulling choose a harness either alone or with a collar. This is because a harness offers more security, comfort, and doesn’t put pressure on the dog’s trachea when you pull your pup back.

Dog training collars and harnesses are a great way to ease your dog into loose leash walking once they’ve had plenty of training.

  1. Water and food bowls5 Pet Essentials Every Dog Owner Needs 17

Out of all the dog necessities, food and drink should be a priority.  Your pup needs to stay hydrated and get the right nutrients. You must pick the right bowl as they make a difference.

For example, if your pup is a messy eater then get a bowl with a sturdy base to prevent any muck.  Get one for food and another for water.

Make sure the water bowl is filled all day but remove it before bed to reduce the risk of any accidents.  If you want to find the perfect fit, browse dog product reviews to help you.

  1. Puppy Bed5 Pet Essentials Every Dog Owner Needs 18

Your pup needs a comfortable space to catch plenty of z’s.  A comfortable bed is one of the most important things you need for a dog and you must consider your dog’s size.

Don’t break the bank on blankets and bedding if your new best friend is still a puppy.  This is because they still need to be house-trained and learn to stop chewing.

  1. Chew Toys5 Pet Essentials Every Dog Owner Needs 19

This is another one to add to dog essentials.  Playing with your dog lets you bond and chew toys keep them entertained when you’re busy.

If your new pet is a puppy, the act of gnawing on a chew toy also eases the pain when breaking in their adult teeth as the process floods their brain with feel-good chemicals.

  1. Gate and Crate 5 Pet Essentials Every Dog Owner Needs 20

These two are essentials for dogs regardless of their age.  Whether your pooch is young or just getting used to the place, a gate will stop them from getting up to mischief.

Crate training is also important especially if you’re introducing a puppy to a household of older dogs.  The puppy can’t be left alone at night or with the other pooches.

It also gives them a safe space to sleep during the day or somewhere to escape if they’re feeling overwhelmed.

Which Pet Essentials Will You Buy?5 Pet Essentials Every Dog Owner Needs 21

There are many pet essentials to consider when getting your pup.  You must make them feel at home with a comfortable bed, filled up bowls, and a leash so you can keep tabs on them at the dog park.  Happy shopping!

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