They go by many names but only one has stood the test of time. Man’s best friend! But don’t be fooled by those cute eyes or the wagging of the tail, sooner or later some will easily make you lose your cool. But who cares, right? They still find a way around our soft hearts and we forget that they tore our new pair of jogging shoes, or the new roll of toilet paper… did we mention the new toy your kid got for his birthday was recently trashed? Well, you get the idea. Some dogs just can’t help it. It’s said that they are creatures of habit. Seems like we share a similarity! mess dog guilty

Now, if your dog is a chewer and you need dog bed for chewer, it’s most likely that you’ve had some tough times replacing his bed on countless occasions not to mention the times you’ve had to make room on yours just because he felt out of place on the mat and came straight to your bed. You finally think it’s time you put ruckus to an end and purchase a comfy bed for your pooch. 

To make an informative decision, here’s everything you need to know before buying a bed for chewers.

Types Of Dog Bed For Chewers

When looking for the best dog bed for a chewer, it’s very important to know the major characteristics of your dog. This will allow you to make the right decision based on what you see him do a lot, chewing included. Some dogs like to perch while others like to sleep a few millimeters from the floor. Luckily, there are different types of dog beds specifically made for chewers. Some of the most popular ones include:

Mat Beds funny labrador look face

While it’s an option you may need to eventually consider, it may not be the best for your pooch. For starters, mat beds are not as comfortable as other dog beds. If you want your dog to stop chewing on his bed, you’ll need to do more than buy him a matted bed.

Chew Proof Memory Foam Beds dog mess pit bull

Foam beds are comfortable but it gets better than that, they are chew-proof. This means that they’ll discourage both older dogs and puppies from chewing. Miruna, a proud owner of Sami a West Highland White Terrier and an author at Westie Vibes, says that these beds are also ideal for heavy and disabled dogs because the memory foam will provide orthopedic support and comfort.  Apart from the orthopedic memory foam, you also have the option of human styled mattresses and the egg crate foam enclosed by a tough, water-resistant, chew-proof cover that is also removable and washable.   

Elevated Beds 

Elevated beds are also ideal for dogs that just love to chew anything. However, it’s important to carefully consider the height for some dogs may be heavy, wounded, sick, or disabled. Elevated beds are durable because they are made out of tough, durable material attached to aluminum or PVC, which also makes them easy to carry around. Some are made in such a way that they can be detached and they also lack any exciting fluffiness for them to play with. This, however, doesn’t mean that they are uncomfortable. They are easy to clean and maintain.

The breed matters 

As earlier mentioned, it’s very important to know the characteristics of your dog when buying them a bed. Dog character traits are influenced by breed. There are dogs that like to sleep a lot, others like to snuggle, while others are free spirits. Knowing such details will help you to make a sound decision. Additionally, dog sleeping positions matter a lot. Checking the angle at which your dog sleeps will give you an idea of the shape of bed you’ll need to get them. For instance, dogs that sleep when curled up will do just fine sleeping on a semicircular bed for chewers. Dogs that sleep when stretched are better off on an elevated dog bed for chewers.

Agepug photo act funny

As a dog matures to adulthood, their sleeping needs may change in terms of bed size. It doesn’t make sense to see an older dog sleeping on a puppy’s bed. Puppies at the prime of their lives will want to experiment with everything and anything. It’s at this age that you want to discourage them from chewing their beds by investing in a chew proof foam bed. On the other hand, older dogs are weaker and more fragile. Some will do anything to sleep on a soft bed for a change.


Before buying a bed for your chewer dog, it’s important to consider materials that cannot be torn easily or chewed upon while ensuring that they are also easy to clean. But as much as you want to go for materials that can easily be cleaned, you shouldn’t compromise on the toughness and quality. This will help to prevent the buildup of mites and dust.

DurabilityWhat Every Dog Owner Should Know Before Buying a Bed for Chewers 5What Every Dog Owner Should Know Before Buying a Bed for Chewers 6

Of course, it goes without saying; that the most durable beds are the ones your dog cannot chew on. So whether it’s a chew-proof bed or an ordinary bed that has been made to withstand the toughest claws and the sharp canine teeth, either will do.

How to prevent a dog from chewing on his bed

funny pit bull dog photoNow it’s in the best interest of your pet’s health to prevent him from chewing on his bed. This is because as they do this, some pieces of clothing may end up in their gut. This can cause major health issues that will cost you more money treating. To help you out, here are a few things you can do to stop them from chewing their beds and other stuff.

  • Eliminate the stressors that set him off
  • Chose synthetic dog pheromone products
  • Exercise your dog regularly
  • Buy your dog some toys to play with in your absence
  • Use deterrent sprays on stuff they like to chew on

Finally, it’s essential to talk to your vet about it, especially if you observe excessive chewing because some dog breeds have a problem maintaining their body heat. Your vet will advise you on the best material you can use for their bed for some do not allow air circulation. Most UL-approved materials have been found to be effective among such breeds of dogs. Hopefully, you’ll have an easier time out there looking for a bed for your chewer pooch… happy shopping!



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