There are many types of pets, and pet owners will tell you that pets are friendly, gentle and loveable, a statement that all people agree with. But even though everyone agrees that having a pet is a good thing, some landlords turn away prospective tenants who have a pet and they do this for a variety of reasons.This bring to fore the reasons why you should never let your tenant have a pet

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Damage to Apartment

It is common knowledge that pets, especially dogs and cats are extremely curious animals and many are the times you will find them scratching and sniffing at things. Unfortunately, these pets do not differentiate between their owner’s furniture and the landlord’s.

Dogs and cats can also destroy carpets, curtains and wooden floors. If the tenant has puppies, you should not be surprised to find the doors have been chewed on. The damage can be extensive especially if the pets are not well behaved.

Accidents Will Happenfunny pit bull dog photo

Regardless of how well the pet owner has trained their dog to go out when the need arises, there will be times when accidents happen and the dog ends up messing the house. This may be a rare occasion or a more frequent one especially if the dog is not house trained.

In addition, it is not unusual to find dog waste lying around in the garage, the staircase or even along the pathway. This is likely to cause other tenants a lot of distress and discomfort.

Bad Odour

When your tenants rent your apartments, they look forward to waking up to the smell of a fresh new day and not the smell of cat or dog pee. One of the reasons that the smell of your pet’s pee is so strong is because carpets easily absorb odours. Stone floors if they do not have a sealer become too porous, allowing the pee to seep in.

As a pet-owning tenant, you will undoubtedly seek the help of a reliable end of tenancy cleaning company who will thoroughly clean your place when you are moving, but before they can come to do that, your neighbours will have to bear the unfriendly odour emanating from your apartment.

It is important to mention that not all apartments with pets smell bad. On the contrary, there are some very health-conscious pet owners who keep their apartments spotless and smelling fresh. But as a landlord you never know what type of pet owner is standing in front of you.

Disturbing Neighbours

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Many pet owners are mature, caring people who know how to take care of their pets. However, no matter how well behaved your dog is, there is always that one-off chance that your dog will get into mischief and growl at the neighbour, or otherwise irritate them by damaging their property.

When dogs get agitated, afraid or challenged, they respond by biting so it is not surprising to hear that the neighbour’s dog has bitten a child or an adult. Even though the matter is purely the responsibility of the dog owner, some of the responsibility trickles down to you as the landlord.


Imagine you are fast asleep in your bed and suddenly you are woken up by a barking dog. The barking of one dog invites other dogs to join in and before long you have a group of dogs barking. Not only is your sleep disturbed, but you will be left in a bad mood by the sudden awakening.

Escaped Pets

Can you picture the chaos that would be experienced if tenants were told that the tenant in apartment 3X has lost their pet snake or pet rodent? Some pets if they escape can end up digging holes in the neighbour’s compound or even chewing on your wiring.

Exposure to Allergenspug photo act funny

Unfortunately, allergens cannot be seen with the naked eye so what we assume is a clean environment may in actual fact be full of invisible allergy causing allergens. If you are not allergic to pets, you may not be aware of the danger that your cat or dog is posing.

Allergens are very good at attaching themselves to carpets and air ducts and they can survive there for a long time. This means that any time a person who is allergic to pets comes to visit, they are exposed to these allergy causing organisms, prepping them for an allergic reaction.

Pets are great to have as they give the owner a sense of peace, comfort and companionship. However, when it comes to having pets living in your apartments, you need to weigh the pros and cons carefully, keeping in mind that some landlords who are themselves pet owners, would not allow tenants to move into their apartments if they have a pet. This is because they know what pets can do.



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