Having a pet is loads of fun! However, keeping a pet inside the house can be tricky. Particularly if it’s a bigger animal or a dog. Certain pets can be quite easy to keep indoor but if you are a dog person there are certain things that you need to consider before getting a dog  Suitable for Living Indoors

How to Choose a Dog Suitable for Living Indoors 9

You can just choose any dog and you have to think about your living quarters first. Assessing the situation and doing the selection process perfectly will enable you to find a pet that suits your needs and your living area.

Here are some of what you need to consider to choose a correct dog for indoor living.

Assess Your Living Space First

The first step is to carefully look at your current home and assess it thoroughly. Ask yourself – Is this area really suitable for a dog? Keeping a dog inside a house is easy. A big house offers more room both for you, your dog, and any added family members.

An apartment may not be so suitable. Smaller areas can work but are not ideal. Try moving the furniture and making more room if you really have your mind set on keeping a dog in an apartment.How to Choose a Dog Suitable for Living Indoors 10

Also, having valuable things can be problematic at first, at least until you train your dog and get it to behave. The worst thing that could happen is that your dog does his business on your brand new, and expensive, rug. But never fear, there are companies that clean carpets with 100% Biodegradable Products safe for dogs. Having a backup plan is super necessary and will make you and your dog happier.

The Size of the Dog Really MattersWest Highland terrier, Joey, mated with Rottweiler Zara shortly

Once preparing your living area for a dog, you then have to think about the size. Do I get a big dog or a small one? Your mind will immediately race to you picking a smaller pup as it will be much easier to adapt to the living area. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Bigger dogs can fit in an apartment as well.

It all depends on the previous part. You have to do these two things in tandem and combine them. If a bigger dog can fit in an apartment – Go for it! At the same time, if you don’t have the means to get a big dog, don’t push it. A small dog will do and you will have the time of your life by living together.

Consider the Accessibility to the Outside

A dog can’t be cooked up in the house forever. It has to get out once in a while and enjoy the great outdoors. But it could be problematic for you if you don’t have quick access to the outside world. Not taking your dog outside regularly and giving it walks can affect the dog both physically and mentally. Dogs need to exercise to keep their bodies in shape. Also, they may become restless and develop bad habits if they are not walked from time to time.How to Choose a Dog Suitable for Living Indoors 11

Quick access to the outdoors is necessary for you. If you can simply get your jacket and a leash and grab your dog for a walk it would be perfect. But if you don’t have the means to walk the dog regularly and get it outside regularly you might just reconsider getting a dog as a pet.

The Neighborhood

The neighbors can be a hassle. Particularly if you are living in an apartment building there may be some rules in regards to pets. You better find out about them first before you decide to go on any further. However, housing is not a problem and there are no rules that you need to follow.How to Choose a Dog Suitable for Living Indoors 12

But the neighbors can sometimes be a problem. A quiet one will suit your dog as it won’t get disturbed by the sounds. However, if the dog becomes restless and starts to bark in the night you might get all kinds of complaints.

The solution would be to find a breed that is quieter and not as restless as others. But a very important aspect is to train your dog when it is young and get it to behave. It will help you in the long run and stop you from getting complains from the neighbors.

There you go, that is basically it. Go through these steps one by one and it will help you on making the perfect decision about getting your new best friend. Bussharers wish you good luck in your search for  Dog Suitable for Living Indoors.




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