Moving can be very stressful especially when you need to move with your dog. Dogs create their comfort zone and they don’t like to change much. And the biggest problem is that there is no formula that you can adopt to have a successful move without stress. Though, here we have compiled a list of tips to move with your dog to have a bit calmer moving experience.Moving with pets: Tips to move with your dog 11

  1. Contact your vet

If you are moving within that area then you can skip this step but if you are moving out of the area then contact your vet. It is recommended you take records and any prescription Moving with pets: Tips to move with your dog 12medications with you. Also, don’t forget to ask for recommendations from another vet in that area for your dog.

  1. Prepare a separate overnight kit for your dog

It is recommended you to prepare an easily accessible overnight kit for your dog that contains all the important items of dog including kitty litter, food, and other grooming tools. Take all the items that will make your pet feel comfortable before you unpack the items at your new home.

  1. Take your dog in your car or another vehicleMoving with pets: Tips to move with your dog 13

It is recommended you to take your dog in your car at your new residence. You can put him in the carrier in the back seat of the car. Use seatbelt to secure them. Some animals feel more comfortable if you add a layer of the blanket at the carrier during transportation.

  1. Keep pets away from the action of the move

The best possible way to make the move comfortable for your pet is by keeping the pet Moving with pets: Tips to move with your dog 14away from the site of loading and packing of the items. Keep them in the quietest possible way during the move. Like you can keep him in a bedroom on the second floor after you empty it. Also, don’t forget to close the door of that room. You can also keep them in the garage where the dog can access the food as well as water. Make sure you keep him at a safe place and don’t forget to check in on him regularly during the moving tasks. Though it is easier to forget about your pet because of the lots of hassle tasks of the move but make sure you prepare a proper schedule and check in on regularly.

  1. Try to keep him on his schedule

Though it is difficult during the move to stay on schedule if you pay attention to the dog’s schedule then move will become easier for both of you. Move the house before you move the pet, try to make everything the same for your pet to make him feel comfortable. Give lots of attention to your pet to make him feel good.

  1. Hire a pet relocation moving companyMoving with pets: Tips to move with your dog 15

If you are in need to hire a pet relocation moving company, start with getting moving quotes and then finalize a moving company to make move comfortable for you as well as your pet as much as possible.





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