In every level of education, you get to learn more things about you and your environment. Joining college is one of the most exciting things for any student who is determined to advance their career. Apart from academic development, you will be able to learn and develop your social life even further. This is always the perfect time to know whether you are a pet person or was just forced to interact with them because your parents or siblings loved them.Getting a Pet in College 17

If you are, we would like to help you with the process of getting the best pet to keep you company. In this article, there are several points that you should keep in mind before deciding on the best pet to take home. Let’s get started. Enjoy!

  1. Your Budget

Since this might be your first time living away from your parents, one thing you should always consider before buying anything is how much your financial account reads. It is very important to make sure that whatever decision you make does not affect your acquisition of basic needs like food. Pets come with a variety of breeds and at different ages. Getting a Pet in College 18Therefore, you will have to consider such factors and the seller. However, maybe you are adapting the pet from someone. In this situation, you will only have to worry about the remaining factors in this list.

  1. Financially Supporting Your New Pet

You have decided where to buy or adopt your new pet according to your budget at the time. But one more thing to consider financially is whether you will be able to support it with every basic need. Remember that campus life has a lot of financial limits and you must be able to budget your expenses quite well or else you might suffer.

Check whether you can afford regular vet charges, relevant toys, sustenance, and other unplanned damages. The cost will vary depending on the needs of your pet and where stay. If you do not plan in advance, you might find yourself choosing between your rent and pet, which is never a good sign. Remember that a pet’s health may need attention at any time; therefore, having some cash ready for emergency is very important.

  1. Time

Another very significant factor when dealing with pets is time. Since it is your first time in college, you might need every bit of time to adjust to the changes and the new environment. Your pet is like your new baby and will need most of your attention, especially if it is still young. Make a provisional calendar and see how many times you are free every day. Now, factor in the time you might need to take care of your pet and see if it is worth it.Getting a Pet in College 19

Once you have your cat or dog around, everything will change significantly. Therefore, you should be sure that you are ready to accommodate those changes. It is not advisable to leave your pet bored throughout the day as it may also affect their health. Many people find out this part quite upsetting as they were not ready for the responsibilities that come with the new friend.Getting a Pet in College 20

You should also make sure that you have a back-up plan in case your schedule becomes too tight. For instance, if you have a test later in the evening, you might need all the time you can get to study. In such a case, your friends or the nearest relatives may help you out by keeping an eye on the pet at least until after your paper. Leaving your pet at home unattended for a long period may be disastrous. First, they will tend to play with anything around the house to keep them busy, and that includes your fragile items like the electronics.

  1. Space

How much space you need for your pet is a subjective factor since it all depends on the pet you are getting. Pets like dogs and cats may need a lot of space because they are always playful, unlike the other animals. Therefore, as you consider where to live, include the pet in your plans. Well, we know it is already stressful enough to look for a perfect apartment, looking for your pet’s space will also take a lot of your energy.Getting a Pet in College 21 The fact that you can live in a small apartment comfortably does not mean you can also keep your pet in the same room. For instance, most high rises do not allow students to live with their pets. Other apartments require you to pay for the pet’s accommodation separately. As such, you will have to do your research beforehand to determine the best place that fits your needs and yet does not stretch your budget.

  1. Your Flatmates

You have found the right apartment, but are your flatmates okay with the idea? This is something that most people do not take into account and end up being the “bad neighbors.” Please take into account the fact that not everyone is okay with the noise of a barking dog or any other activity that has the same effect. If you live with other students in your room, make sure to ask them for their opinions on the same. Remember that keeping a pet in such a scenario means all of you will help each other in taking care of it.Getting a Pet in College 22

For instance, if you have classes throughout the day, your flatmates will be in charge for those hours, and if they are not interested, it might end up being an inconvenience to them. Therefore, being forthright with them before making the final decision is a smart move as it will ensure that all of you are involved in the decision making. If some of them disagree with the idea, then you might have to reconsider.

  1. Where to Walk Your Pet

Do not forget that your pet needs some exercise and breaks to keep it healthy. Some people think that a balanced diet is enough for a puppy’s health. The truth is, there are other needs that you will need to take into consideration. On average, your pet may need at least one or two sessions every day to keep them fit. As a student, you will also need some time during the day to refresh your mind after a long day in class. Therefore, as you find the right place to live; do not forget to look for a place to spend such breaks.Getting a Pet in College 23

Remember, if you do not exercise your dog, they might find other ways to expend their energy. Some of the actions you will find them doing include tearing some of your items and doing a lot of damages. If you live close to the school, it is a lot easier to make time for your pet in between classes or in the evening. However, if your home is not within the vicinity, you might have to find a pet-sitting administration. Well, if you are making this consideration, then it is not practical to even get a pet in the first place. You can, however, relocate to a more favorable area where you can easily take care of your friend.


Deciding to adopt or buy a pet is a choice that will definitely have an impact on your overall day-to-day routine. The responsibilities that come with it may be overwhelming in the first few weeks as you adjust to the new way of life. As such, it is important to be 100% certain that the choice you are making is the correct one. The advantages that come with it are, however, very many if you are a pet person. They help keep you company and relieve stress after a busy day. The disadvantages are also there for everyone to see and you must be ready to accommodate them in your daily life.Getting a Pet in College 24

The fact that you do not have a pet in your college life does not mean you will never adopt one. Sometimes as your life becomes more stable, these things introduce themselves at the right time.