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Can Dogs Benefit From CBD: When looking into CBD, you’ve probably seen information about its efficacy in humans. People can benefit from CBD with a sense of calm and focus, healthy sleep cycles, and more. Although it’s a compound that’s existed for millennia, it’s recently come into the limelight as a helpful tool for people managing everyday stress.

Can Dogs Benefit From CBD

But what about dogs? There are CBD products marketed specifically toward dog owners, which claim that CBD can help dogs in a similar fashion to how it helps people. But how does CBD for dogs actually work? Does it have the same benefits as it does for humans? Once you get down to it, there are ways that it’s similar and ways that it’s different.

A Calming Effect

This seems to be a universal benefit of CBD, because it’s just as true in dogs as it is in humans. In humans, CBD oil can be beneficial because it allows people to calm down and step back from an upsetting situation. That calming sensation can also make things easier for people to handle everyday life.

Can Dogs Benefit From CBD Like Humans? 9

In dogs, there’s a similar effect. CBD appears to effectively calm dogs down, which means it’s more likely that you may be able to keep your pup under control. This is especially helpful if you’re having issues with your dog being rowdy when you’re trying to sleep or otherwise do something important.

Better Resistance to Stress

Humans deal with stress every day; from paying bills to meeting deadlines, you can probably think of a few things that are stressing you out right now. CBD can help with that. Using its calming effect, CBD makes it easier for people to handle stress. It’s much easier to step back and get a full view of something when you don’t have an anxious cloud looming over your head.

Can Dogs Benefit From CBD Like Humans? 10

You might not have considered this concept, but dogs have stressors, too. Your dog could have stress from loud noises in the neighborhood, people coming to the door, or even other pets in the house. CBD helps with that by calming your dog down and allowing it to let go of those stresses. That’s helpful not only for you, but also for the health of your dog.

Increased Focus

This one’s probably mostly for the humans. Humans can benefit from increased focus when using CBD. That’s one of the reasons it’s so popular among students and athletes; both of them need to be able to focus very intensely on certain things. In humans, this ability to focus is crucial toward being part of today’s world.

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However, dogs are less likely to need to focus on anything, and therefore it’s less likely that CBD will be helpful here. It’s true that dogs are susceptible to the calming and stress-relieving nature of CBD, however. If your dog is part of a dog show or otherwise needs to do something requiring focus, you may find that the calmness provides a better baseline, but you shouldn’t necessarily count on it.

Healthier Joints

If focus is mostly for humans, healthy joints are mostly for dogs. Everyone can benefit from healthy joints, and it can help athletes recover from exercise-induced inflammation.

On the other hand, many dog owners use CBD for dogs to help their furry friend healthy joints and connective tissue. CBD can help those joints stay healthy throughout their life, even if they’re the bounciest, most energetic dog around.


Although CBD doesn’t work exactly the same for both dogs and humans, it has parallels between the two. If you’ve started to notice that CBD has had a helpful effect in your life, why not try it out with your dog or ask your Vet more information on this before you do so?

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When you’re taking CBD for yourself, it’s important that you get the highest-quality CBD so you know it will be effective and safe. The same holds true for your dog. When purchasing CBD for dogs, make sure you’re getting it from a reputable source like Charlotte’s Web. Your dog might not be able to talk, but their happiness will be all the thanks you’ll need.






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