If you’re anything like most pet owners, your dog has become an honorary and beloved member of your family. There’s no denying the fact that there’s a special bond between pet owners and their pets and it’s that bond that makes humans treat them like humans in more ways than one.

Yes, they’re considered as “man’s best friend” but let’s be honest here, you met people and became friends with them but the more you got to know them, they became more than friends… they became family… and that’s the dynamics between pets and pet owners.

There are just certain behaviors we as humans do for each other that we also do for our dogs too. The fact that our dogs are in our thought process like other members of the family, even doing regular things like going to the store, is a tell-tell sign that your fur baby is now family. How many times have you been out somewhere and saw something pet-related and bought it because you knew your dog would love it? All dog owners have done it at some point and it’s okay… you just love your dog.

If you’re a dog owner who loves your dog, take a look at the undeniable reasons why your dog is officially part of your family.

Your Dog Has Your Last Name

For a dog owner, this isn’t weird at all, contrary to what your non-dog-owners say! Think about it… you can’t be in denial if your dog’s name is Rocket Jones. He is officially a valued member of the family, especially if your last name is put on his dog tag!

You Have Excessive Photos With Your Dog

If you have more photos with your dog than you do with friends or family, that shows that your dog is not just a pet, you actually love and care about your dog and want to share those picture-perfect moments with him. Also, your dog is not only in photos with you but your dog is included in family pictures as well… just look at what the photos are called: “family photos”… and your dog is in them.

Your Dog Has a Special Spot in Your Home

Your dog may not have his own room like your children do but he definitely has a special place in your home. Being that your dog loves cuddles and belly rubs, you let him rest on your lap or get snuggle time on the couch and in addition to those quality moments, lots of pet owners will also buy their dog a place they can call their own and place it in the main living area where the family gathers, so he can be where the family is.

Your Dog is Part of Your Daily Schedule

Your dog has truly become part of your daily routine when you have to plan around them. Yes, your dog is like family but your dog is also like a child who can’t be by himself for too long because he’s not fully capable of doing things alone. As pet owners, you might leave your dog alone at home for eight hours because you’re at work and as soon as you get off you have to come home so that he can go to the bathroom. Some pet owners come home on their lunch break to let their dogs outside.

Your Dog Goes on Vacations With the Family

You want to know how big traveling with your dog has become? It’s gotten so big that hotels are now being accommodating to pet owners who travel with their pets. You can actually do a Google search now for “pet-friendly hotel” and just look at how many accommodating hotels pop up! According to Road & Travel Magazine, 78% of pet owners and their pets are hitting the roads and flying the friendly skies now more than ever before.

All in All

If you’re a dog owner who truly loves their dog, your dog brightens your day and life without them is unimaginable. Regardless of the trouble they may cause or the mess they might make, you wouldn’t dare get rid of your dog because they’re family and family is about sticking together through the good times and the bad times.



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