There can be multiple reasons why your dog is not sleeping through the night. Keep reading for 8 key ways to help your dog sleep through the night.

Dogs are one of the most loyal creatures to have around, not to mention that they are man’s best friend. There is no need to say how beneficial it can be to have a dog around.

Leave alone providing security for the home; dogs are also excellent companions. Research indicates that having a dog around can reduce stress and help with depression. Some people also have dogs registered as companions and can take them wherever they need.

8 Key Ways to Help Your Dog Sleep Through the Night 17

However, dogs need special attention, especially when they are having sleeping problems. After a long day at work, you will need a peaceful night sleep to recollect your thoughts. However, finding a good night’s sleep can be demanding if your dog has sleeping difficulties.

Dogs experience nightmares that can make them bark and cry throughout the night. It goes without saying how difficult it can be to sleep through the night with such noises. The question is, how do you make a dog go to sleep?

A good sleep requires a serene environment and peace of mind. When your dog can’t sleep properly, it also affects you.

Here are some of the tips to help your dog sleep well.

  1. Understand Your Dog’s Sleeping Pattern

The reason behind your dog having trouble sleeping may be due to inadequate rest and irregular sleeping patterns. You will notice that your dog takes multiple naps during the day. This sleeping pattern can affect how they sleep at night.

8 Key Ways to Help Your Dog Sleep Through the Night 18If you’re at work per se, you cannot control how your dog sleeps during the day. It is imperative that you learn your dog’s sleeping cycle so that getting them to sleep at night won’t be a problem.

There are also many other measures on how to get your dog to sleep through the night. These measures include the following.

  1. Avoid Sharing a Bed with Your Furry Buddy

It would be even more troubling to sleep through the night if you share a bed with your dog. In the case that your dog has problems sleeping, it will also affect your sleeping pattern. Sharing a bed with your loyal buddy can also have other effects as well.

If you have acute conditions such as asthma, then it is advisable not to share your bed with 8 Key Ways to Help Your Dog Sleep Through the Night 19your dog. The movements when having nightmares can also impact your sleep. It will be challenging to sleep through the constant moves and barking.

It can also impact your dog’s sleep, especially when you toss and turn around a lot in bed.

  1. Evaluate Your Dog’s Sleeping Environment

Where your dog sleeps can have a massive effect on the quality of sleep. Ensure that you get your dog a good bed to sleep on. The mattress should also be cleaned regularly and kept pest free.

If your dog doesn’t have a bed, here is how to make a dog go to sleep. Ensure that you get the best dog bed in the market. A good dog bed will also be durable and comfortable for your dog. The quality of the bed will have a significant impact on your dog’s sleeping cycle.

Make sure that you minimize noise around your dog and also do something about the lighting. Give your loyal buddy a serene environment to sleep just like you would want. Don’t forget to provide a warm blanket as well to keep the dog warm.

  1. Give Your Dog Plenty of Exercises during the Day

The amount of exercise that your dog gets during the day will impact how they sleep at night. Ensure that you take out your dog for walks during the day. When your dog gets plenty of exercise, they will be exhausted and sleep better at night.

8 Key Ways to Help Your Dog Sleep Through the Night 20A walk before bed could also be a great idea. Take your dog for a long walk before bed to get him exhausted and fit. Having adequate exercise means uninterrupted night sleep.

Furthermore, you can involve your dog in different activities during the day other than walking. Take the size of your dog into consideration as well. The bigger the dog, the more the time allocated for exercise.

  1. Ensure Your Dog is Healthy

For you to be able to sleep, you require peace of mind. The same thing applies when it comes to dogs. Peace of mind has a lot of driving factors, including good body health.

The problem behind your dog’s sleeping issues can be due to pain. A sick dog can have trouble sleeping and give you a rough night. Ensure that you get your dog checked out and 8 Key Ways to Help Your Dog Sleep Through the Night 21in good health.

The problems with sleeping patterns can be due to an underlying condition. This can be the case, especially if your dog has never had any sleeping problems before. Visit the vet and explain any changes in the sleeping and behavioral patterns of your dog.

  1. Fix a Routine

It is vital that you keep things consistent. Consistency will help your dog to adapt and know what to do at a specific time. Try and do things with your dog at almost the same time every day.

Having a routine will have an impact on the dog’s sleeping pattern as well. As much as it may difficult to doing the same things every day, it is essential that you get your dog used to the routine.

Try and have a specific before bedtime routine. You should try and prevent any active activities during at night. You should also try not to offer treats before bedtime.

Train your dog to stick to a particular routine at night. Having a routine will enable you to learn your dog’s sleeping cycle. Furthermore, having a bedtime routine could also impact the quality of your dog’s sleep and yours as well.

  1. Use of Calming Aids

You may have tried many solutions to put your dog to sleep. You may have hit rock bottom with your sleepless loyal buddy. You may have tried exercising your dog but to no avail.

There are many calming aid solutions that you give to your dog. However, before you can settle for specific calming aids, consult your vet. Your vet will be able to take you through calming aids and recommend the best calming aid for your dog.

It is imperative to learn that these sleep aids for dogs can have adverse effects. Different 8 Key Ways to Help Your Dog Sleep Through the Night 22dogs will react differently to certain calming aids. Consult your vet doctor before you choose any calming aids for your dog.

If you are going to implement calming aids usage, don’t make it a daily routine.

Getting your dog used to the calming aids is not healthy. When you use calming aids frequently, it interferes with your dog’s natural sleep cycle. For this reason, many people have reported problems such as ‘my dog won’t settle at night’ or ‘is behaving strangely’.

More importantly, do not let your dog build up a dependency on calming aids. Try to help your dog sleep soundly more naturally.

  1. Consider Your Sleeping Habits

How you sleep can have effects on your dog’s sleeping patterns. This fact is regardless of whether you share a bed with your dog or not. Your sleeping habits can be the reason behind your dog having trouble sleeping.

Do you sleepwalk? Do you toss and turn about in bed or talk a lot in your sleep? Evaluating how you sleep can be a stepping stone in helping your dog sleep throughout the night.8 Key Ways to Help Your Dog Sleep Through the Night 23

Having a consistent sleeping schedule can also help your dog adapt to his. Have a specific bedtime so that when you’re preparing for bed, your dog will also be ready. Furthermore, ensure that you check on your sleeping habits and work on them.

It is advisable to first work on yourself before you help your dog. Changing your sleeping habits can have a significant influence on how your dog sleeps. Find out whether you’re the problem first before helping your dog with sleeping problems.

Sleep Through the Night in Peace

Did you know that lack of sleep is fatal? That is how important a good night sleep is proven to be. Sleeping has several benefits on the mind and the body.

Not only is sleep important to humans, but also in our loyal friends, dogs. When your dog can sleep soundly, then you also get to rest well. A dog with sleeping problems will affect you in so many ways not to mention that you’ll wake up looking fatigued.

For you to get sound quality sleep, you must first ensure that your furry buddy is relaxed and comfortable. A well-rested dog is a happy dog. When your dog can sleep through the night, he/she will tend to be more proactive, healthy, and work efficiently.8 Key Ways to Help Your Dog Sleep Through the Night 24

Remember, other than dogs being excellent companions; they are also good security for our homes. Dogs can alert us in case of anything and are reliable watch guards. But for the dogs to be alert, they have to be well rested and taken care of.

A dog that is well taken care of and has adequate sleep will be very efficient and productive. Address any problems that your canine friend may have and ensure that your dog is comfortable.

You can read more on our blog on how to help your dog sleep soundly at night.