The benefits of having a pet are truly plentiful. Pet owners are believed to enjoy better health and are less prone to depressions and mood swings than their petless counterparts. These small living revitalizers help their owners keep fit, maintain social life, and cope with the problems more quickly. Over time, we grow so attached to our furry friends that we cannot imagine our life without them. No wonder, so many students refuse to reconcile themselves to their residence hall policies according to which students have no right to bring pets to their dorm rooms. We all know that we must abide by the established rules and not keep animals where they allegedly don’t belong. Still, how can we deny ourselves small pleasures that make us happy and content?

Pets that are a Perfect Fit for Dorm Room Living 13

It’s not a secret that college life can be overwhelming and even unbearable at times. Tons of homework, pressing deadlines, and tiresome classes take their toll on students. Of course, you can at least partially reduce your homework-related stress, if you contact Edusson writers and ask them a simple question “Will you write my assignment for me?” Thus, you’ll get timely professional help from one of the top online writing services that have been around helping students with their homework for so many years. Still, getting help with your academics alone isn’t enough to live a happy and fulfilling college life. There’s something more… The sheer presence of a pet in a dorm room, devoid of warmness, can boost your mood and allow you to quickly relax after a hectic day. If you’re beating your brains out trying to figure out how to sneak a pet into your dorm room and get away with it, stop torturing yourself right away. From our article, you’ll learn what animals will cause you the least inconvenience and can be a perfect fit for living in a dorm room.


Before you start scuffing or decide skipping the Goldfish section, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the benefits of keeping goldfish in your dorm room. If you had a goldfish when you were a child, owning a goldfish in college can be like reviving the best childhood moments and quenching your nostalgic thirst for the good old days. Still, if you’ve never had one, it’s high time you tried this option. With goldfish you’ll definitely avoid the influx of responsibility and obligation any other animal would put on you.Pets that are a Perfect Fit for Dorm Room Living 14

If you’re not into brisk daily walks, scrubbing cages, and buying expensive food, but still want to have someone to love and take care of, goldfish is exactly what you need. No litter, no unpleasant smell, no ruined furniture, no noise. Moreover, there is nothing more relaxing and de-stressing than watching your fish swim. Exactly what you need after a long, hard day in college.


It’s about time we mentioned our featured friends on our list. Parrots are the fourth favorite pets after dogs, cats, and fish. Owning a pet won’t place a financial strain on you, but, at the same time, will bring much satisfaction. These amusing birds are fun, communicative, and pleasant to the eye.

Pets that are a Perfect Fit for Dorm Room Living 15You’ll be surprised how friendly, loyal, and intelligent they can be. The findings of the National Audubon Society suggest that birds have problem-solving capabilities, cognitive, and mimicking skills, which makes them perfect pals to people. The best part is that you can merely put your pet into a cage when you’re absent. All you need to do is to stick to feeding recommendations and clean a cage daily, which, by the way, is no hassle at all. When you have some spare time, you can take your bird for a walk (in a cage, of course).


If you need a fun, long-living, and silent companion, you should definitely opt for a turtle. Pets that are a Perfect Fit for Dorm Room Living 16This animal will not take up much of your dorm room space. Neither will it bite you or mess your things up. You can feed your slow but exceptionally cute pet with commercial food that is relatively inexpensive. Turtles can do well in your absence if they’re provided sufficient amount of water and food.

Guinea Pig

You don’t like shells, features, and fish scales, but prefer more fluffy cute things as pets, consider taking a guinea pig. It’s one of the best possible options for busy students who like cuddling up with a warm fur ball to read or just get some rest after classes or job. Pets that are a Perfect Fit for Dorm Room Living 17Guinea pigs can quickly adapt to dorm room living. They are undemanding in terms of care requirements and food. They thrive on cereals and vegetables. They also need fresh water to stay healthy. To keep fit, guinea pigs require daily exercising. So, your pet will be really grateful if you buy some special installations like pet runs for it. It will also highly appreciate a breath of fresh air, which, we’re sure, won’t be a problem with you.


Our list would be incomplete if we didn’t mention a hamster on it. Hamsters are a classic! Just like goldfish and guinea pigs, hamsters remind us of our childhood. These cute creatures will effortlessly admire you with their tendency to scurry frantically around their cage and the way they groom themselves with their tiny paws.  Hamsters are pocket animals, meaning that they are portable enough to accompany your wherever you go.Pets that are a Perfect Fit for Dorm Room Living 18

Still, take care to keep an eye of your hamster. These animals are famous for their prowess to escape from cages and dissolve into thin air. Hamsters are in no way capricious and selective in foods. Hamsters like carrot, pear, cauliflower, broccoli, peach, banana, and other fruits and vegetables. When you’re on lectures on at work, make sure your pet has access to fresh water and food.

In Conclusion

The life in college can be an ordeal, but coming back to someone who loves and waits for you is not just fun but also emotionally rewarding. Now you see that not only big pets can make your college life happier and less stressful. We hope that you’ll avail yourself of our recommendations and get the best possible companion that will share your joys and frustrations in college.





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