Dubia roach is a species of cockroach that grows to a maximum size of 1.8 inches, which makes them a medium-sized type of insects. These cockroaches are native to Central and South America, in countries like Brazil and Argentina. Speaking of which, in some parts of the world, they’re called the Argentinean cockroach.

Why Dubia Roaches Should Be on Your Bearded Dragon’s Menu 7

Although their home is Latin America, you can get ahold of them easily these days, even if you live in parts of the world where these cockroaches aren’t native, like the United States, for example. But why would you need to get yourself these kinds of insects? Well, if you own a bearded dragon, or some other similar type of lizard, you can use these insects to feed your exotic pet.

What Makes Dubia Roaches Such Good Feeder Insects?

First of all, these roaches are a great choice for feeding your exotic pets because they can be used while still alive. They come in breathable packages in which they can survive for a long time. And you shouldn’t worry about them escaping. Dubia roaches are incapable of jumping and flying, or even climbing over smooth surfaces. What this means is that if you leave them in an unclosed box, they will remain there for a long time.

Another advantage of Dubia roaches is that they don’t make any sounds. Unlike crickets, for instance, these roaches will not keep you awake at night. However, they do cause allergic reactions in some people. Although they’re reportedly mild, we do advise checking yourself before handling these roaches. Another thing to be cautious about is whether they’re legal at your place. Mind you, Canada, as well as some US states like Florida, consider these roaches to be invasive species, which is why their trade is controlled.

Why Dubia Roaches Should Be on Your Bearded Dragon’s Menu 8

But, if there are no obstacles for you to buy them, you should definitely do. And the main reason is that they’re an amazing source of protein for your exotic pet. If you own a bearded dragon, you probably won’t be able to find a more suitable protein source.

Apart from being rich in this particular nutrient, Dubia roaches are also packed with vitamins and minerals that your pet needs. And considering that they are live insects, giving them to your bearded dragon will keep the lizard happy and entertained. Feeding on Dubia roaches will be a sort of hunting adventure for your dragon.

In order for a bearded dragon to live a long and healthy life, you need to feed him a healthy diet that’s rich in nutrients. And Dubia roaches are exactly that – a food source incredibly rich in valuable nutrients. And the best thing is that they’re easy to digest. Just some 15 minutes after a meal, your bearded dragon is ready for another round. This means that you can’t overfeed your dragon – you can feed it with as many as 50 roaches a day!

Dubia Roaches for Other Pets

Apart from being an ideal choice of food for bearded dragons, Dubia roaches are also more than a suitable choice for other kinds of exotic pets. If you own a chameleon, getting these cockroaches is definitely a good idea. The main reason is that chameleons need a lot of protein and Dubia roaches are really rich in this mineral.

If you need to find a nutritive-rich food for your leopard gecko, these roaches are again a very good option. It’s because they come with all the nutrients geckos need on an everyday basis. The only problem here is that your gecko might have problems swallowing a roach, which is why our advice is to look for Dubia roaches of smaller sizes, preferably somewhere in the range between one-eighth and one-quarter of an inch.

Why Dubia Roaches Should Be on Your Bearded Dragon’s Menu 9

Apart from using Dubia roaches as food for lizards, you can also feed them to your tarantula. Tarantulas just love these kinds of insects! But, what’s really awesome is the fact that tarantulas don’t need too much food, meaning that giving them a couple of these roaches will take care of your tarantula’s daily food needs. You can just put them inside the terrarium in which you keep your tarantula. As these roaches are slow and can’t fly, your tarantula will have no problems hunting them down.

Thanks to all these facts, Dubia roaches can be used as food for many different species of exotic pets. The only thing that you need to pay attention to is whether the individual roaches are too big for your pet. If your pet is too small, you will have to use smaller roaches, it’s as simple as that. But, what about large pets, such as snakes or turtles? You can use Dubia roaches to feed those animals, but you will have to supplement their diet with other foods.




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