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Naturally, cats love to clean themselves, whether in pairs or on their own.  Once in a while, they also love to play with their hair. A cat owner is generally proud to have a cat that is healthy, bubbly and generally well taken care of. There comes a time when a cat’s hair has to be trimmed; when it becomes very long, when it is too dirty, during hot weather conditions and at times veterinarian recommend cat hair trimming in cases of health conditions.The Guide for Choosing Best Cat Clippers 9

Whatever the reasons that lead to cat hair trimming, great cat clippers are recommended. The aim of this review guide is to offer best cat hair clipper recommendations, whether a cat has sensitive skin, long hair, short hair or dirty hair. The article is aimed at meeting all your cats’ hair shaving needs.

Below is a List of the Best Cat Hair Clippers

  1. GHB Cordless Electric Clippers

The Guide for Choosing Best Cat Clippers 10When using these clippers, it is very easy to move around various cat body areas when shaving it since these clippers are cordless which makes movements easy tasks. Their blades are coated with Titanium hence making them dust resistant. It comes with two interchangeable batteries so it is not easy for the cat owner to be caught off guard that the batteries have run low. It’s charging time is three hours and this power can last for six hours hence this is good battery duration.

  1. Arcess Quite Cordless Mini Clippers

The Guide for Choosing Best Cat Clippers 11Arcess clippers are built on very quiet and low vibration. Since noise can scare away cats during shaving, when using this brand it is not easy for the cat to be able to detect its noise. It has a very fast charging system that takes up to one hour to charge and the power can last up to 150 minutes. That is enough time for a cat shaves session.

It has a very durable body. In case the clippers accidentally fall, you don’t have to be worried since the clippers body is strong enough to endure such falls or mishandling. They also come with two guide combs, oil and a brush for the blades as added accessories. Pet Reviews are meant to make the pet owners work easy and these clippers effectively do that.

  1. Focuspet Professional Grooming Clippers

The model comes with four different blades that offer you options on which blades to use depending on the cat hair shave that you need. The kit also comes with other accessories like cleaning brush, power adaptor, nail file, steel scissors, hair trimmer and a nail clipper The Guide for Choosing Best Cat Clippers 12for any pet. The blade is very sharp and it is easy to remove it during cleaning. It is cordless but it also has a cable connection in case one needs to use the cable.

Based on these Pet Reviews guideline, cat owners have options to choose from when buying cat clippers. There are many varieties available in the market and our review can act as a guide when purchasing clippers. Ensure to choose good quality clippers that meet your cat’s needs.



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