1. The Akhal-Teke

The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan, where they are a national emblem.

The shiny coat of palominos and buckskins led to their nickname “Golden Horses”.

Akhal-Teke horse

2. The American Paint Horse

The American Paint Horse is a breed of horse that combines both the conformational characteristics of a western stock horse with a pinto spotting pattern of white and dark coat colors.

The American Paint Horse

3. The American Cream Draft

The American Cream Draft is a rare draft horse breed, the only such breed developed in the United States that is still in existence.

The American Cream Draft

4. The American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is the most popular breed in the United States today, and the American Quarter Horse Association is the largest breed registry in the world, with almost 3 million American Quarter Horses currently registered.

The American Quarter Horse black

5. The Andalusian

The Andalusian has been recognized as an individual breed since the 15th century, and its conformation has changed very little over the centuries.

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6. The American Saddlebred

The American Saddlebred is a horse breed from the United States.

The American Saddlebred running

7. The Anglo-Arabian or Anglo-Arab

The Anglo-Arabian or Anglo-Arab is a crossbred, part-Arabian horse that now also has its own status as a horse breed. The cross can be made between a Thoroughbred stallion and an Arabian mare, or vice versa.

The Anglo-Arabian or Anglo-Arab white jumping

8. The Appaloosa

The Appaloosa horse winter

9. The Arabian or Arab horse

The Arabian or Arab horse is a breed of horse that originated on the Arabian Peninsula.

Arab horse racing

10. The Azteca

The Azteca is a horse breed from Mexico, with a subtype, called the “American Azteca”, found in the United States.

The Azteca horse field

11. The Belgian horse or Belgian draft horse

The Belgian horse or Belgian draft horse, also known as Belgian Heavy Horse, Brabançon, or Brabant, is a draft horse breed from the Brabant region of modern Belgium.

The Belgian horse running

12. The Baluchi horse

The Baluchi horse is a breed of horse native to the Baluchistan, Sindh and Punjab Provinces in Pakistan.

The Baluchi horse

13. The Breton

The Breton is a breed of draft horse. It was developed in Brittany, a province in northwest France, from native ancestral stock dating back thousands of years.

The Breton

14. A Brumby

A Brumby is a free-roaming feral horse in Australia.

Brumbies horse run

15. The Canadian horse

The Canadian horse is a horse breed from Canada.

The Canadian horse

16. Marsh Tacky

The Carolina Marsh Tacky or Marsh Tacky is a rare breed of horse, native to South Carolina.

Marsh Tacky

17. The Clydesdale

The Clydesdale is a breed of draught horse derived from the farm horses of Clydesdale, Scotland, and named after that region.

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18. The Comtois Horse

The Comtois horse breed is an old breed of horse that is believed to have descended from horses brought by the Burgundians of northern Germany to France during the fourth century.

The Comtois horses

19. A Dutch Warmblood

A Dutch Warmblood

20. The Gidran, Gidrán, or Hungarian Anglo-Arab

Hungarian Anglo-Arab

21. A Hanoverian

A Hanoverian is a warmblood horse breed originating in Germany, which is often seen in the Olympic Games and other competitive English riding styles, and have won gold medals in all three equestrian Olympic competitions.

A Hanoverian

22. The Kathiawari

The Kathiawari is a breed of horse from India, originating in the Kathiawar peninsula.

The Kathiawari

23. The mind-blowing Lipizzan or Lipizzaner


24. The Lusitano

The Lusitano is a Portuguese horse breed, closely related to the Spanish Andalusian horse.

The Lusitano

25. The Morgan horse

The Morgan horse is one of the earliest horse breeds developed in the United States.

The Morgan horse

26. The Thoroughbred

The Thoroughbred is a horse breed best known for its use in horse racing.

The Thoroughbred




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