1. Your bed is no longer your bed

english bull terrier white bed

2. And your couch is no longer your couch

english bull terriers couch photo

3. They will be waiting for you . . . always

waiting bull terrier window

4. You will get A LOT of love

english bull terrier eyes closeup

5. Your car will start to feel smaller

bull terrier car mirror drive

6. Your TV will become “our†TV

bull terrier watching TV

7. You will see a whole new level of lazy

funny bull terrier kitchen photo

8. You will no longer be the crazy one in the house

face english bull terrier door

9. You will get a lot of looks when you leave the house

beautiful english bull terriers sofa

10. You will have a nap-time partner, whether you like it or not

man sleeping english bull terrier nap time

11. You will learn to fear the crazy eye

positive face english bull terrier closeup

12. Your kids will have a new best friend

english bull terrier kid watching TV friends




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