There is nothing quite like the love of a dog, especially if you are living alone with no human companionship in the home. Many people new to owning a dog have been afraid to let their loving pet up on the bed with them for fear that it may not be safe. Actually, not only is it safe in most instances but sleeping with your dog can actually be healthy! Here’s some of what the experts say.

Is It Safe to Sleep with My Dog? 7

Renowned Mayo Clinic Weighs in on the Subject

A recent study conducted by the renowned Mayo Clinic found that a single dog in bed with you can help you average a better night’s sleep. It could be the warmth of a body next to you and it could be the reassurance that you are not alone. Living in colder climates like Pennsylvania, you know how cold those winter nights can get! In fact, it’s sometimes too cold to go out dog walking, so many people choose to enlist the dog walking services of Wag! who will take your dog on a romp in the snow when you’re feeling too chilly to go. Actually, that part may not be as healthy because you need your exercise too, but at the Is It Safe to Sleep with My Dog? 8moment we’re looking at whether or not it’s safe to sleep with your dog, so let’s move on.

Sleeping with Your Dog Can Be Emotionally Healthy

Some people who have little human companionship have been studied over the years and it was found that sleeping with their dogs contributed greatly to improved emotional stability. They were less easily depressed and were better able to cope with the stresses of everyday life. This is the same concept of how the very act of petting a dog can lower your blood pressure or relieve tension in your muscles. It’s often the physical proximity that is soothing to your fraught nerves that can have a healing effect on your mind and emotions.

Relief from Allergies!

Do you suffer from airborne allergies? If you have hay fever, for example, you might be afraid to sleep with your dog because it ‘might’ prompt allergies or sinusitis. What experts have found is that children brought up in households with dogs are less likely to suffer from allergies as adults, and even some adults who sleep with their dogs notice a gradual lessening of the seasonal symptoms they experience. While some people are allergic to dog dander, they probably wouldn’t own a dog or even consider sleeping with one. Other than that, dogs can help to relieve allergic symptoms in clinical test after test.Is It Safe to Sleep with My Dog? 9


Dog walkers can tell you that there is nothing quite as reassuring and calming as sleeping with your dog and really, other than vets, breeders or trainers, who knows dogs better than they do? By day, experience the pleasure of showing off your fur baby in dog walking Philadelphia parks but by night, be comforted by his presence. You will enjoy the physical and emotional comfort that only a loyal pet like a dog can offer, and unless your dog lays sideways across the bed, you’re likely to get the best night’s sleep ever. Give it a try!





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