Dog authorities consider the Boerboel breed of dogs to be obedient, reliable, and intelligent. They’re usually loyal, playful, affectionate, confident, and loving of their families. However, they can be aggressive and extremely protective especially when provoked. These dogs make great family pets when trained and treated well because of their unique blend of gentleness and roughness. Check out the video below to see the grace and power of this breed.

If you’re looking for black Boerboel puppies for sale, there are some factors to consider when choosing a five- to six-week-old puppy particularly if you prefer a purebred Boerboel. Here’s a list.

  1. Breeder. Buy only from a registered and reputable breeder. First of all, you want to purchase your Boerboel puppy from someone who’s willing to guide you along the way. Choose only a seller who can guarantee the dogs he sells. Here’s what you can do:
  • Check the breeder’s home and the premises. It should be clean and odor-free. Puppies Boerboel Puppies for Sale: 12 Things to Check Before Buying One 9and dogs should be well fed, clean, and lively.
  • Ask for a proof of the dog’s health screenings, which a responsible dog breeder would gladly provide.
  • Ensure that the seller provides proper documentation of the dog’s pedigree or papers.

A good breeder should willingly answer your questions and ensures that the puppies will find a good home by asking you questions, too.

  1. Male or female. If you plan to buy a female puppy, check that the puppy you choose has at least eight teats. If you’ve decided to buy a male dog, verify that both testicles are present. You can check this by carefully feeling for them – they should feel like small marbles. The testicles should have come down into the scrota by around six weeks of age.
  2. Coat. Check the dog’s coat. Choose a puppy that has smooth, short, dense, and soft hair, giving the puppy a plush appearance. All these hair characteristics will aid in the prevention of sunburn, flies, and ticks. Be careful with dogs with longish hair particularly at the back of its legs because this is not acceptable according to the breed standards.
  3. Color. If you’re very particular in having a purebred Boerboel, consider the puppy’s color. According to the breed standards of the Boerboel, the accepted colors include brown or brindle as well as any shade of red regardless of any mask. However, don’t let color be the dominant reason for choosing your puppy; what’s important is that other Boerboel Puppies for Sale: 12 Things to Check Before Buying One 10traits under the breed standards are satisfied.
  4. Pigmentation. Check the pigmentation. According to the official breed standards of the Boerboel, there should be sufficient pigmentation such as black toenails, black nose, and black lips. The palate, hair, and skin around the genitals and eyes should be as dark or as black as possible. However, note that pigmentation doesn’t have anything to do with a puppy’s mask or lack thereof.
  5. Ears. Inspect the ears. The puppy’s earflaps should hang neatly by the side of the head. Half-upright and upright earflaps are considered undesirable. Check that the ears are not too close to each other.
  6. Teeth. Check the teeth. Ensure that the puppy has healthy teeth and should preferably have a scissor bite. A scissor bite is where the incisors in the upper jaw are in contact but with a slight overlap with the bottom jaw, which produces a scissor appearance. If Boerboel Puppies for Sale: 12 Things to Check Before Buying One 11the bottom lip sticks out of the upper lip at this age, the puppy is sure to have an incorrect bite when it’s fully grown.
  7. Muscles. Note the puppy’s muscles and balance. The puppy should be well balanced and have strong muscles. Try bending the puppy’s head and check that there is ample space between the shoulder blades. The wider the space, the better the shoulder attachment and the more muscles there will be. The shoulder blades should feel rounded and not pointed.
  8. Forequarter angulations. Check the angulations of the forequarter. The foreleg’s upper arm should be slanting forward at 30°, and the shoulder blade should be slanting backward at the same angle. The angle between the upper arm and the shoulder blade should be 120°.
  9. Hindquarter angulations. Check the hindquarter’s angulations. When you look from the puppy’s side, the hind legs shouldn’t be straight. Observe the hind legs from behind – these should not be too cow-hocked.
  10. Tail. Check the tail setting. Choose a puppy with a tail that is set high. Note that the tail is a dog’s spine extension.

Final Thoughts

Boerboel Puppies for Sale: 12 Things to Check Before Buying One 12

It’s essential that you know the reason for getting a puppy before buying one. If you’re looking for a companion, family friend, and protector, a Boerboel puppy would be a great candidate. Note that this breed is very sociable and has to be a part of your family. Shower your puppy with all the attention and love it deserves and it will surely grow to be your family’s best friend.



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