A whopping 85 million U.S homes own a pet, according to the National Pet Owners Survey. Of all the possible pets there are, dogs are the most sought after. PR Newswire reports that dog ownership has skyrocketed by 10% in the past decade and now exceeds our population growth.

Your Dream Dog May Cost You More Than You Realize 9

As an aspiring dog owner, you can expect to pay anything from a few hundred dollars to thousands to secure the pooch of your choice. However, it’s important to remember that there is so much more to financially factor in then the breeder’s fee or adoption cost.


Pet health insuranceYour Dream Dog May Cost You More Than You Realize 10

The North American Pet Health Insurance Association advises that the average cost for pet insurance is $43 per month. That’s in excess of $500 over the course of a year. Of course, you’ll want to provide your dream pooch with all the protection possible. However, you’ll also need to consider how much this insurance policy will increase by as your dog ages. NBC reports that insurance with one mainstream pet insurer will cost $44 per month for a puppy, increase to $106 when he’s eight years old, and will rise to $191 at age 12. Dogs have an average lifespan of between 10 and 13 years, so make sure you can afford this rising commitment.


Veterinary fees

American pet owners spent more than $16.6 billion on vet bills during 2017, with conditions such as a dog with an upset stomach costing $292. Even if you’ve got pet insurance, you’re not always covered for pre-existing conditions. And, you’ll likely have a deductible to pay first. It’s, therefore, a wise idea to Your Dream Dog May Cost You More Than You Realize 11put some savings aside for when the expected occurs to your beloved hound. Alternatively, consider borrowing cash to fund your purchase. By doing this, you’ll be able to comfortably afford your loving dog’s vet bill, provide him with all the care he needs, and you’ll be able to pay the cash back with an affordable repayment plan.



A good standard of living

With your dream dog in your possession, it’s only right to treat him to the best quality food. NBC Chicago reports that food for a medium breed of dog will set you back $319 per year, rising to just over $400 for a large breed. Meanwhile, you’ll need a constant supply of dog toys to keep your pet amused and content, as he’s sure to chew through the first lot you buy him in a matter of weeks. So, it’s essential you can afford to feed and entertain your dream hound before you bring him home.

Your Dream Dog May Cost You More Than You Realize 12

Dogs are the nation’s most popular breed and their popularity is growing bigger and bigger. However, before you invest in your ideal pooch, make sure you’ve taken into consideration both the short and long-term financial impact.






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