Dogs go mad whenever they meet their owners. But that does not indicate that they are in a happy mood. Generally, they are happy and friendly creatures. But that does not mean you shouldn’t make an effort to make them more comfortable. That said you don’t have to assume your dog is happy. Always make an effort to make them so. If you are ready, here are five remarkable ways you can make your pup go crazy over you. Happy reading!

Awesome ways to make your dog go crazy for you 1

1. Show great care regarding her health
To humans, health is wealth. But for a dog, sound health translates to happiness. You should always think about your dog’s health. And take control over what she eats or where she rests her tired body. Keep her sleeping area neat and offer her healthy meals always.
Sweets and chocolates can harm your beloved puppy, so avoid them. Instead of offering these, get quality chews from any pet shop and offer her.
You also need to take clues from your vet regarding how to clean her ear correctly. Do this, and your dog will never suffer from ear infections, mites or hearing loss. Mind you; these are ways you can make your dog go mad for you.

Awesome ways to make your dog go crazy for you 2
2. Pamper your dog in unique ways
When last did you pamper or take your dog to a spa? Do you know they love it? Of course, they do. Tension builds up in dogs more. But you may not have noticed this about yours. Instead of going to the spa alone, take your dog along. In fact, you can even create the spa experience in your own house. That is one of the ways you can make your dog go crazy. And the good thing is you can make it happen without spending a fortune.
Besides spa, there are other ways you can pamper your pup. Below are tips on things you can do to make her go crazy too.
• Compliment and motivate her always
• Bath her with a specially formulated shampoo for puppies
• Brush her teeth on a regular basis to discourage tooth loss, gum disease, or doggie breath.
• Cut those claws often. Long nails can cause discomfort. You can ask your vet to be sure how to go about how to clip them.

3. Walk and dance together
Happy dogs are more mobile and always on the move. But a sick one will lay on the floor all day unhappy. Walking and dancing are two movements that do great work in our bodies. They are also great exercises dogs are crazy about because they help to make them strong and healthy as well. Make it a habit walk with your pup daily. You can walk to the grocery, neighborhood or any place of your choice.
What about dancing? Yes, she would love this too. Your dog would adore watching you dance. It will make your dog happy, feel better and likewise you.

Awesome ways to make your dog go crazy for you 3

4. Don’t mess with her meals
Are you a dog owner that cares? Then giving your dog the right meals is one way to prove this. A hungry dog is an angry dog. Even humans act this way when they are hungry. So if you want your dog to go crazy for you, don’t mess with her feeding.
That said you need to feed her to size. Understand her nutritional needs, which is different from dog to dog as a result of their body weight.

Awesome ways to make your dog go crazy for you 4

5. Learn to have fun with your dog
Dogs like to play. It makes them happy and bond well with their owners. So no matter your schedule, find time to have fun and socialize with your dog. There are tons of games and ways you can have fun with her. Race her to the field or park or read to her. You can also play fetch with her. It makes them happy even though we humans think dogs get sick running in the same direction 20 times.
Here are other games you can play with your dog
• Tug of war
• Fetch
• Frisbee
• Swimming
• Chasing bubbles
Learn how to train a dog and make her happy. Share this with other pup owners to get tips on what they need to do to make their dog go crazy for them.