How does one live out the rest of his life when old? What sort of life awaits one at an independent living community center. 

Is it just about the payment or the treat one gets from living in such community that prompts seniors to enroll?

In this visual displayed short and precise footage, what are Max and Katie the two Danes doing? I will briefly explain what they both did in the courtyard.

Max sits on the back chair of the golf cart confused. Meanwhile, Katie takes the front seat.

The carriage begins his movement and pioneered by an expatriate who personally drove around the fountain within the independent living community.

It was fun for Katie who sat at the front. However, Max was pissed off with the whole situation.

What does the video speak of? Is it a small hilarious video of an old dog’s lifestyle in a senior home, or it is a compelling lesson of how life is an independent living community?

I may be wrong in my deduction but ask that a decision on how to live life at that age be made prepared from now.

Remember, make haste while the sun shines. Tomorrow might be too late! 

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