Taking a nap on a warm summer day is something that many people enjoy, and these three cute pugs agree and are taking naps in the strangest places. 

A mother and pup are relaxing in a porch swing as it gently sways back and forth, mesmerizing the pup as he drifts off to sleep by his mother, who is already long gone into dream land.

The two look so comfortable that it may make you want to join them in their slumber.

The third pup is really in a comfortable spot! He is lying down in a baby carriage propped up against a spotted bobby pillow.

He is softly snoring away as he slumbers and every once in a while he may twitch an ear or something, but he too is out for the count.

These pugs are living a life of leisure for sure and have the luxury of napping any time they choose.

It would sure be nice to be as carefree as this trio seems to be. 

I doubt anyone wants to intrude on their peaceful sleeping, but I wonder if the baby whose carriage the pup is enjoying will have anything to say about the matter?

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