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Reasons to Date a Horse Girl:

1. With a gender ratio of about 10 girls to every one guy, she’s probably going to be pretty grateful she even found you.

horse riding woman beauty

2. Strong thighs.

beautiful riding horse lady

3. You won’t have to worry about being the crazier half. Because it’s her. By a landslide.

horse back riding woman jump

4. She’s sure to know her way around a drink.

drinking girl funny

5. You know she’s capable of commitment…at least to her horse.

aweosme wallpaper horse woman

6. She cares more about her horse’s approval of you than her parents’.

cute lady horse love

7. With her spending tens of thousands a year on her hobby, she won’t have a problem with you blowing a couple hundred on video games.

girl horse pics sitting

8. If you agree to be her groom for the day, there probably isn’t much she won’t do to repay you the favor.

eyes horse riding back woman

9. Easy access to whips and spurs.

whips and spurs, horse

10. Did I mention strong thighs?

riding horse back girl amazing