1. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie shih tzu

Nicole Richie has a famous Shih Tzu named Honeychild.

2. Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell shih tzu

Geri Halliwell, a former singer in the Spice Girls band and now a clothes designer, author and actress owns a famous Shih Tzu named Harry. 

3. Susie Essman

Susie Essman shih tzu

Comedian Susie Essman has an adorable Shih Tzu named Sumo.

4. Rebecca Mader

Rebecca Mader shih tzu

Actress Rebecca Mader has a beautiful Shih-Tzu named Bella.

5. Betty Buckley

Betty Buckley

Betty Buckley has 3 Tzu named Bridget, Gemma and Jessie. 

6. Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth owns an adult named Choo Choo.

7. Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates owns a Shih Tzu named Ballmer.

8. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey

Singer Mariah Carey has 2, named Bing and Bong. 

9. Beyonce


Beyonce has a Shih Tzu named Munchie.

10. Colin Farell

Colin Farell shih tzu

Colin Farell owns a Shih Tzu, which is interesting because he starred in a movie called “Seven Psychopaths” in which his character gets caught up in a plot to kidnap a Shih Tzu named Bonny (this is the dog’s real name and also stage name).

11. Jacinda Barrett

Jacinda Barrett

Jacinda Barrett of MTV’s The Real World series has a Shih Tzu named Legend.

12. Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell owns a Tzu named Lollipop.

Do you know celebrities who own a Shih Tzu? Feel free to comment or share your thoughts about them!