1. How do they not have a permanent crick in their necks???

husky sleeping

2. You just make yourself comfortable buddy!

husky puppy sleeping

3. Don’t just lie in the bed, become the bed!

husky sleeping basket

4. I wonder what he’s dreaming about … either dancing or doing the back-stroke.

husky sleeping on floor

5. Okay, this one look pretty comfy!

husky sleeping cute

6. That’s cool, you just sleep the whole road trip …

husky sleeping in car

7. Mmmm. That shoe…

husky sleeping dog on floor

8. This is how they stop their humans leaving!

many huskies sleeping

9. Excellent camouflage.

husky sleeping in snow

10. Most people find spare change down their sofas…

husky sleeping in sofa

11. Compact, for your convenience.

husky sleeping funny in chair

12. Awwww, synchronised awkward sleeping.

two huskies sleeping cute