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1. A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence. – Pam Brown

2. All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife. – Daniel Boone 

3. If you are fearful, a horse will back off. If you are calm and confident, it will come forward. For those who are often flattered or feared, the horse can be a welcome mirror of the best in human nature. – Clare Balding

40 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Think About Horses 1

4. Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success. – Dale Carnegie

5. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from a horse master. He told me to go slow to go fast. I think that applies to everything in life. We live as though there aren’t enough hours in the day but if we do each thing calmly and carefully we will get it done quicker and with much less stress. – Viggo Mortensen 

6. I’ve often said there’s nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse. – Ronald Reagan

7. I call horses ‘divine mirrors’ – they reflect back the emotions you put in. If you put in love and respect and kindness and curiosity, the horse will return that. – Allan Hamilton

8. I believe in Jesus Christ, and I believe He gave me the passion and determination to continue surfing. You fall off the horse, and you get back on. I had to go for it. – Bethany Hamilton

9. In Westerns you were permitted to kiss your horse but never your girl. – Gary Cooper40 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Think About Horses 2

10. I discovered that the horse is life itself, a metaphor but also an example of life’s mystery and unpredictability, of life’s generosity and beauty, a worthy object of repeated and ever changing contemplation. – Jane Smiley 

11. If you fall off a horse, you get back up. I am not a quitter. – Olivia Wilde

12. You took care of your horse, and your horse took care of you. – Elton Gallegly

13. I frequently dream of being on these horses’ backs and running across a field. And the horse and I are one. – William Shatner

14. A difference of opinion is what makes horse racing and missionaries. – Will Rogers

40 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Think About Horses 3

15. A good horse should be seldom spurred. – Thomas Fuller

16. If a horse has four legs, and I’m riding it, I think I can win. – Charles Caleb Colton

17. My house borders horse farms, and I can look out my window and see the horses and the new colts. It’s really peaceful. – Queen Latifah

18. I think it was much better when you got on your horse and rode two miles to talk to your neighbor. – Laura Schlessinger

19. I grew up in New Mexico, and the older I get, I have less need for contemporary culture and big cities and all the stuff we are bombarded with. I am happier at my ranch in the middle of nowhere watching a bug carry leaves across the grass, listening to silence, riding my horse, and being in open space. – Tom Ford

40 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Think About Horses 4

20. When a man’s mind rides faster than his horse can gallop they quickly both tire. – John Webster

21. I split my time between Santa Barbara and Aspen. I live on a pretty fast horse. – Kevin Costner

22. I grew up loving horses. I was relatively obsessed, starting with my rocking horse at age 2, all the way through my painting and drawing phase. – Diane Lane

23. Yeah, pretending to ride a horse is actually a lot harder than riding a horse. – Josh Hopkins

24. I own a horse and ride, but I don’t know racing or betting. – Michael Mann

40 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Think About Horses 5

25. Guys want a 500 horsepower car. I’d rather have one horsepower – in a horse. That’s macho. You go to pick up your date and you show up on a horse. – Bryan Callen

26. There is a lot that horses and art share in common. I have found that most horse people are art lovers, and vice versa. – Alice Walton

27. Vampires are sexy to a woman perhaps because the fantasy is similar to that of the man on the white horse sweeping her off to paradise. – Frank Langella

28. You can’t get angry with a horse. They will get angry and frisky with you. – Randeep Hooda

29. We tolerate shapes in human beings that would horrify us if we saw them in a horse. – Dean Inge

30. So, I have my own horse and two ponies. I grew up around horses, and that really is my passion. – Kate Upton

31. I wouldn’t have raced a horse. But you’ll then throw back at me that Jesse Owens raced against a horse, and he’s one of my heroes, so I’m not going to say it was a silly stunt. I know too much about horses. They’re highly unreliable, and they’ve got brains the size of golf balls. – Sebastian Coe

40 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Think About Horses 6

32. But there is nothing to be done till a horse’s head is settled. – William Cavendish

33. If a horse doesn’t want to do something, you’re not going to make him do it. They’re incredibly powerful animals. – Jeremy Irvine

34. What I don’t understand is these people who go on the street wearing riding clothes, and they have never been on a horse. They ought to have their heads examined, really. It’s a joke. But, let’s face it, we live in a fantasy world. – C. Z. Guest

35. It’s very good for you, riding. You know how every model is like, ‘I do yoga.’ Well, I find horses to have the same effect, in that you have to put your ego aside and concentrate on making the horse do the things you want it to do, and move in the way you want it to move – particularly if you’re doing dressage. – Edie Campbell

36. The main secret for a horse that is heavy upon the hand, is for the rider to have a very light one; for when he finds nothing to bear upon with his mouth, he infallibly throws himself upon the haunches for his own security. – William Cavendish

37. When you’re taking a fence on a horse, you don’t think much; your body does all the thinking, and you’re over or you’re not over. It’s much the same when you are doing a tricky thing with a pen. There are times when I’m writing very, very fast. – Patrick O’Brian

40 Quotes That Will Change the Way You Think About Horses 7

38. Yes, I think that when the Bible refers to a horse or a horseman, that’s exactly what it means. – Tim LaHaye

39. It always amazes me when people go rent horses and ride them. You mean you want me to pay you to ride a horse? – William Lucking

40. Wouldn’t it fun to be able to communicate with a horse while you were riding it? – Kou Shibasaki