Domestic dogs are commonly known as “man’s best friend”.

192 awesome dog breeds you’ve never heard of and need to know about immediately.

Here is the list of these dog breeds for you:

1. African dogs
African dogs 2. American dogsAmerican dogs 3. Asian dogsAsian dogs

4. Australian dogsAustralian dogs 5. Belgian dogsBelgian dogs 6. Canadian dogsCanadian dogs

7. Dutch dogsDutch dogs 8. Eastern European dogsEastern european dogs 9. English dogsEnglish dogs 10. French dogsFrench dogs

11. German dogsGerman dogs 12. Irish dogsIrish dogs 13. Latin American dogsLatin american dogs 14. Mediterranean dogsMediterranean dogs 15. Middle Eastern dogsMiddle Eastern Dogs 16. Nordic dogsNordic Dogs 17. Russian dogsRussian dogs 18. Scottish dogsScottish dogs 19. Swiss dogsSwiss dogs 20. Welsh dogsWelsh dogs