Bulldogs constantly pooing soft bloody stool  


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08/02/2018 12:45 pm  

Can anyone help? I have had my 13 week old bulldog for 2 weeks now. He is constantly producing soft stools which are often bloody and mucusy and involuntarily dropping from his behind. He has not once since we've had him had what I would call a normal stool or wee. In addition he is constantly leaking urine. So far I have spent £350 at the vets on antibiotics, worming treatment, probiotics and even changed his diet to Royal Canin Gastro diet (wet food). This all seemed to improve things for a while. He seems happy in himself and is eating fine. His water intake has reduced since the vet advised the change in diet.

The first stool samples I dropped off at the vets last week were apparently compromised because they left it over the weekend so I have had to get more, which were handed in this morning. Apparently they are checking for parasite infections.

Does anyone have any similiar experiences like this because I am at my wits end having to constantly clean poo and wee and I'm sure the poor little thing is even more fed up. Just want him sorted now but the vets just don't seem to be giving me any answers, although they are happy to keep taking my money.