This friendly Rottweiler is like an adoptive mama to these two little baby kittens and wants to be friends and play with them. 

However, the two fluffy kittens aren’t so sure about the situation and are a bit scared.

They at first climb on the patient dog but then scamper off to the middle of the floor.

The dog lays down flat and looks at them with soulful eyes as the little kittens jump around and look like tiny little Halloween cats arching and slashing tiny tails.

They do that for a few seconds and run around and roll on the floor while the dog watches every little move they make.

He so wants to be friends.

I don’t think the kittens are real scared, but they are a bit uncertain.

Near the end, suddenly a Siamese cat comes running into the room and starts to sniff at the little kittens.

The adult cat too is curious but the little babies totally ignore him. 

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