Dogs just love to have fun and this bulldog has learned to ride a skateboard. His name is Eroc and he’s a dog that lives in London, England. 

In the video, he zooms along the sidewalk and just about crashes into the doors of the BBC.

Someone grabs his skateboard and he heads off in the opposite direction as fast as he can go.

This skateboarding loving dog even has a Twitter and an Instagram account if you want to look him up and enjoy more of his cute antics.

It is probably hard to teach a dog to ride a skateboard, but this one is a total master of it!

He knows just what to do as he runs and jumps on the skateboard and smiles happily as he rolls along the sidewalk.

Some say he was trying to get into the BBC, but I think he just wants to have fun and race around showing his talents.

Everyone stops and stares at him so he knows he is a star. 

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