Dogs can get scared of lots of everyday items that you wouldn’t think would frighten them. 

Like this French Bulldog pup who is afraid of an aerosol can.

We don’t know why he doesn’t like aerosol cans but it could be the sound they make when they spray out.

The owner isn’t being very nice though because he keeps shoving the aerosol can in the dog’s face and I don’t think that is helping matters.

The little dog jumps around back and forth and barks like crazy as the owner jabs the aerosol can in the dog’s direction.

Back and forth like a dance, the two of them fence with the aerosol can.

I am not sure what is in the can, but eventually the dog gets curious.

The person with the can sets it down onto the floor and the dog comes up and sniffs the top of the can, licks it and then seems less afraid of it. 

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