It was a huge family reunion. Everyone was having fun and catching up with old times. 

However, these little twelve dogs protested for attention.

They desperately needed to join the party. They wanted to belong well.

The entire house could not stop laughing at how jealous these little adorable and awesome puppies behaved.

They were all over the place jumping on each other, taking things away from one another and the owners’.

However, the truth remains – they needed attention because they were not getting it.

Their feelings were hurt, and it leads to jealousy, not minding anymore what anyone thought of them.

According to the video clip, the dogs took matters into their hands, and attention was accorded them at the end as requested.

Everyone in the house laughed over their attitudes, but the entire dogs have succeeded in his or her quest, whether we accept it or not.

Are you Depressed or Bothered? Why not speak out today and release yourself from that trauma which has crept into you gradually, without your permission.

Why not take lessons from these little puppies and give your life meaning. 

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