Wow…this dog is cute! Can someone help it out? 

This puppy Chewy has got a new squeaky toy to make its day.

Interestingly, it ‘s hard to imagine that it is a new born puppy doing this.

It looks like this is an actively play session for it huh?

With the state it is now, it would not give a damn who is beside it.

That is called focus!

Now, this cute little puppy has just popped up a challenge!

The challenge of lifting a shoe irrespective of the weight, while still trying to gain balance.

Hot dog ..! Now that must have been a whole lot of courage cos’ for a puppy to do this? It is genuinely stupefying.

It is obvious this dog would do for a beautiful friend cause’ of the pleasure it derives in lifting this immensely weighty shoe.

Moreover, the fact that it tends to gain traction by all possible means?

It should be honored by being the only shoe lifting dog.

What da’ challenge!

Like hell would every child want to have their share of fun with this cute looking a puppy.

Moreover, this puppy is damn too adorable.

Amazing is the word. 

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