Getting a massage can feel awesome to help you relax and feel great, however, I am not sure this licking dog qualifies as a massage artist or if he just likes the taste of this man’s hair. 

The bulldog just can’t stop licking the man’s hair as he lies on the floor in front of him.

This dog’s habit seems a bit strange, but maybe he likes the taste of the guy’s hair or maybe he thinks it just needs a good wash.

Whatever the case, it could be relaxing I guess, but that depends on how slobbery the dog’s mouth is for one thing.

The man doesn’t seem to mind the tongue licking dog, but it is probably a bit cold and yukky.

I don’t think I would like it being done to me for more than a couple of licks.

This could be the way the dog shows his love of his owner, and if so, boy does he really love him a lot. 

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